10 Animals in Danger of EXTINCTION in MEXICO

Which animals are endangered in Mexico? In this AnimalWised video, we talk about the animals forming Mexico’s biodiversity and share with you a list of 10 animals in danger of extinction in Mexico. There are too many others, but please feel to share them in the comments.

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[Music] Mexico is one of only 17 countries which Is considered mega-diverse but what does This mean its land surface represents 10% of the Earth’s total and it houses 10% of the world’s biodiversity here we Can find more than 200,000 species of 2500 of them legally protected despite This fact some are still in threat of Extinction which we share in this new Animal wised video [Music] Plus a lot just under two million Individuals of this species remain Although the population is greater than That of other endangered species there Is a reduction in the population due to Trafficking of their pelts as well as Continued destruction of the ecosystems In which they live American black bear The black bear is another of the most Recently endangered Mexican animals Illegal hunting and habitat destruction Are the main causes in addition to Mexico the black bear is found in Canada And Alaska being the most common bear in North America it’s estimated there are Currently between 500,000 and 750,000 Bears land Cozumel raccoon also known as The pygmy raccoon is considered to be Critically endangered internationally Not only in Mexico this is due to its Tiny area of distribution which has led It in a very short time to suffer

Insular dwarfism this is an evolutionary Process affecting species that live in Closed environments adapted to the Scarcity of resources as a means to Survive [Music] Bolson turtle this turtle is needed to Mexico specifically in Chihuahua Coahuila and Durango the reasons it is In critical danger extinction is due to Climate change Seismic activity and being hunted for Their meat today it’s estimated there Are only about 2,500 of the Bulls and Turtle remaining in Mexico ka-chow alone On a species which lives exclusively in Mexico the Mexican que it’s al is the Most threatened of all this in danger of Extinction for various reasons mainly Due to deforestation and climate change Additionally there have been cases of Illegal ka-chow protein in mexico Although this has decreased Significantly today they also live in Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Nicaragua Costa Rica and West Panama before Continuing don’t forget to subscribe to Our channel to keep up to date with Everything about both domestic and wild Animal Mexican axolotl it’s possible to find These animals in the canals of Xochimilco but fewer and fewer exists in The world most living in aquariums one

Of the most striking things about the Axolotl next to its alien-like Appearance is the fact they are capable Of regenerating their own cellular Tissue both the contamination of its Natural habitat and they’re used for Medicinal purposes seem to have their Small amphibians days number [Music] Scarlet macaw a type of brightly colored Macaw their predominantly red bodied With blue green and yellow and the wings The illegal sale of birds has reduced The species causing only about 30,000 Specimens remaining in the wild in Mexico they can now only be found in Chiapas this macaw has been associated With the Mayan deity fukube calyx but Cultural importance has not stopped Those seeking to profit from illegally Trading this exotic animal Mexican gray wolf it’s estimated that Less than 300 specimens of this species Survive their size smaller than that of Any wolf can be compared to that of a Medium dog They lived in Mexico and in certain Areas of North America but currently Only exists in captivity their greatest Threat have been humans mainly due to Farmers in the native lands practically Exterminating the species Vaquita also known as cachito it is a Cetacean that only inhabits mexican

Waters it is estimated there are less Than 100 specimens of this species left The main threat is the negligence of the Fishing industry as it usually dies Trapped in fishing nets it receives its Name because both the eyes and the mouth Are surrounded by black spots it is Acquired species that communicates with Its relatives through solid winters West Indian manatee it’s thought that less Than 2,000 individuals survive hunted For meat since the colonization of the Americas this is after the Spanish Discovered it was not a mermaid which They had originally believed They’re also threatened by the Destruction of their habitat and the Negligence of fishermen often dine Because they collide with the engines of Ships and boats not only do they exist Around Mexico but the distribution Extends to Brazil where they can be Found in parts of the Amazon River Do you know other animals from Mexico in Danger of extinction leave us your Comments and don’t miss the above video In which we explain the effect climate Change is having on animals we’ll see You next time [Music] You

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