In this AnimalWised video, we show you the ’10 Best ACCESSORIES for CATS’. 😺 These accessories include not only the essential items needed to meet their basic care needs, but also great ideas for accessories which can help improve their well-being and quality of life. We also share the reasons these cat accessories can be helpful and what we need to do to get the most out of them. To help you know more about what are the best accessories for your cat, you can also check out these videos below fore more helpful information:

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Are you considering adopting a cat but Aren’t sure what you need to prepare There are necessities for a cat’s basic Sustenance but there are also Accessories which can enrich a felines Life and improve their well-being this Is why animal wise brings you the 10 Best accessories for cats as well as Show you their benefits to your kitty [Music] All cats need these two containers to Survive Remember it’s essential to renew their Water regularly so that it stays fresh And clean encouraging our cat to drink As for food we can divide it into Smaller daily portions or leave it Always available for them to enjoy at Their leisure always place these Containers away from their litter box There are many different types of litter Boxes some come with a lid others with Light and they can be of various Heights Shapes and colors the ideal is always One which feels comfortable for the cat Don’t forget to choose a quality litter And change it regularly at least once or Twice a week put it in a quiet place This accessory will allow our cats to Hide when they don’t want to be bothered So we need to place it somewhere quiet And ideally up high they use it when They feel sleepy or afraid for example When they come home at the end of the

Day or when there are fireworks outside Apart from having a microchip implanted At the vet it’s best to have a collar With ID tags for any cat with access to The outside on the tag you can put your Name phone number and any helpful Information for anyone who finds your Cat when they are lost a scratcher Regardless of type is something which Helps our cat to file their claws and Carry art marking behavior something Instinctual to felines positively Reinforce them when they use it to avoid Damage to your home it’s highly Recommended we brush our cat’s fur at Least once a week to remove dead hair And accumulated dirt this brushing Routine will also help us check their Hair and skin for any parasites or Health problems we need to brush more During shedding season which usually Occurs during the seasonal changes in Spring and fall there are many types of Cat toy simple homemade or intelligence Games all of them are highly recommended To stimulate our cat’s cognition reserve Time out of your day to play with your Cat it will make them feel loved and is Also essential for their well-being more And more Guardians are encouraged to Water fountain for the cat especially Those with trouble drinking sufficient Amongst it also doubles as a handy type Of environmental enrichment in addition

To smaller scratchers a scratching tree Can provide endless distraction It not only affords them nail care and a Place to play but if you place it by a Window it satisfies their need to keep An eye on the outside world we must Differentiate between cat grass Essentially a part of grass which cats Love to nibble and catnip a relaxing Herb which helps our cat to feel calm And happy Both are helpful but the latter can be Used to rub against scratchers or even Toys to help encourage interaction in The description you can find some links To help you know the best cat Accessories for your feline pal if there Are any accessories your cat can’t live Without but we’ve missed them from our List share them with us in the comments Below give us a like if you enjoyed the Video and subscribe for more to come We’ll see you next time [Music]

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