10 Common BEHAVIORAL Problems in DOGS

Have you noticed your dog is behaving differently recently? Has their behavior been a cause of stress for you and your dog? ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ In this AnimalWised video, we discuss these 10 Common BEHAVIORAL Problems in Dogs so that we can see what type of behavioral problems exist. Not only that, but we explain the causes of behavioral problems in dogs and what you might be able to do to treat them. We also have some background information on problematic behaviors in dogs, if you want to look at some more specific issues. They include:

๐Ÿ”ธ Obsessive Compulsive Behavior –
๐Ÿ”ธ Pica –
๐Ÿ”ธ Eating poop –
๐Ÿ”ธ Excessive barking –
๐Ÿ”ธ Change in personality –

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Dogs can develop various behavioral Problems throughout their lives before We can address such issues positively we Must first be aware of their cause the Manifestations of behavioral problems And what treatment options are available To us but you’re a dog exhibit Problematic behavior do you know what to Do about it and more wise tells you Everything you need to know so keep Watching The appearance of behavioral problems And dogs has three main origins genetics Studies show that genes directly Influence the character of a dog and It’s not strange that a sensitive dog Might have puppies with a similar Character socialization dogs which have Not been properly introduced to animals People and environments in their first Three months are susceptible to Behavioral problems as adults learning Our dog observes and learns all the time If they have learned that crying gets Attention or that biting you leaves them In peace they’re likely to continue this Behavior indefinitely now you know why Behavioral problems occur how do they Appear we show you the ten most common Fear of dogs people objects or Environments fear is not exclusive to Dogs that have been mistreated fear Takes many forms from fear of Individuals to fear of loud noises like

Fireworks it can be more or less acute But regular education is required to Solve it [Music] Separation anxiety separation anxiety is A disorder that occurs with a dog is Home alone prolonged barking borrow Movements urination destructiveness and Whining are common it causes a state of Generalized stress in the absence of a Human guardian it’s a complex problem That often requires the help of a Specialist Destructiveness and excessive biting in Puppies many people claim they have a Puppy with behavioral problems however Destructiveness and a strong bite are Normal and acceptable in very young dogs You should never scold a puppy for it It’s vital to understand they’re in a Developmental stage during which their Discoveries and experiences are going to Reverberate in their adult stage there Are usually simple problems to deal with If the whole family follows the same Guidelines [Music] Aggression towards dogs cats objects or People there are many types of Aggressiveness protection of resources Aggressiveness due to fear Territoriality predatory nurse and more It’s a serious problem that requires the Supervision and guidelines of a

Professional regular behavior Modification sessions are usually needed Coprophagia this is when dogs and jest Feces it is normal and common and Puppies but non adult dogs it can be Complex to treat an evaluation by a Veterinarian is necessary urination and Defecation at home micturition must be Differentiated from market these Problems can be caused by other Disorders such as fear separation Anxiety the onset of puberty excitement Health problems or cognitive dysfunction Syndrome a sort of Alzheimer’s disease Seen in elderly dogs it is advisable to Consult a veterinarian before starting The learning process again Intolerance to touching or use of Certain objects this appears in dogs That have not been properly socialized Or have had a traumatic experience at First the dog usually tries to flee but When it does not work it can begin to Manifest in aggression excitability here We speak of effusive behaviors that the Caregiver considers inadequate some Examples are inviting their collar or Jumping on top of people they are Usually easy to correct excessive Barking excessive vocalization is often Caused by a behavioral problem such as Separation anxiety fear or aggression Working on the cause of why they bark Excessively is the way to treat the

Issue abnormal behaviors there are other Behaviors that should put a dog guardian On alert such as stereotypies which are Repetitive and constant movements Without an apparent purpose refusing Food walking in circles and others [Music] Thanks to the Internet and the ability To access information more and more mild Behavioral problems and dogs are solved At home it’s important to only follow Advice which can be backed up by Research and ethological studies which Support its effectiveness We should completely avoid those not Written by professionals those which Have no references or which use Punishment in most serious cases we need To seek advice from a veterinarian Pathologist or k9 educator specialized In behavior modification in any case a Specialist should ask for a virtually Review to rule out any underlying health Problems which may be the cause such as Pain or hyperthyroidism they can offer Adequate diagnosis present guidelines And the possibility of behavior Modification sessions once again avoid Anyone who isn’t qualified it is not Based our work on ethological studies or Who uses techniques incorporating Physical punishment here’s our video for Today in the description you can find Some articles and behavioral problems we

Have discussed and don’t forget to share Your experience in the comments give us A like if you enjoyed the video and Subscribe for more content to come we’ll See you next time [Music]

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