10+ COMMON Household ITEMS That Can KILL Your DOG ๐Ÿถโš ๏ธ

๐Ÿฅ‘๐Ÿ• Did you know there ar items and objects in the home which can kill your dog? While this doesn’t mean they will kill them instantly, there are toxic products which are safe for humans to use, but can be very dangerous when introduced to a dog. Take a look at this new AnimalWised video for the common household items which can kill a dog and ensure they are out of your dog’s way.


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[Music] Although cats have the reputation for Being curious our canine companions can Be just as inquisitive This sometimes means they end up being Places they shouldn’t In the home this can lead to finding Products or objects which are toxic to Them at animal-wise we help prevent this With our list of common household items That can kill a dog [Music] Chocolate chocolate contains a substance Called theobromine which is toxic to Dogs The greatest concern is dark chocolate As it has the highest levels of Theobromine out of all chocolate Products If our dog eats an ounce of chocolate They may have an upset stomach but it Shouldn’t cause intoxication However more can be dangerous Medications we should never leave Prescription drugs or medications within Reach of our dogs as it can poison them Although paracetamol is relatively mild For us it’s one of the most dangerous For our dog being lethal at 150 Milligrams per kilogram of a dog’s Weight cleaning products products used To clean the home can cause stomach Upset drooling vomiting diarrhea Irritation or even severe burns other

Products with which we must take special Care are ammonia fabric softener and Bleach Some may only cause mild discomfort but Most will be fatal with sufficient Ingestion [Music] Mothballs The ingestion of a single mothball can Cause serious damage to the liver and Central nervous system of a dog this Causes vomiting diarrhea and seizures Consuming more than one can lead to Death of the animal we recommend that You be very careful with their use or if You have a dog avoid them altogether Antifreeze antifreeze and similar Coolants that contain ethylene glycol Can be lethal to dogs experts say Topical exposure only causes mild skin Irritation but prolonged exposure could Cause the animal’s feet to dry out crack Burn or bleed Ingestion can cause vomiting and Diarrhea if you observe any of these Symptoms don’t hesitate to go to the vet Fruit stones The stones of fruits such as peaches Apples apricots cherries or plums are High in cyanide that dogs cannot digest Their toxicity varies from mild to Moderate and various symptoms may appear After consumption such as dilated pupils Shortness of breath

Red gums shock and even death remember That you can give them the pulp of the Fruit but always remove seeds or stones Beforehand Click the info button for a video on Which fruit is best for dogs cooked Bones these have caused serious injuries In some dogs if you have offered a cook Bone to your dog and notice any Abnormality or symptom of discomfort Don’t hesitate to go to your Veterinarian xylitol this is a sweetener That is used in the preparation of Different foods and can be extremely Toxic to dogs typically it can be found In sugar-free gum toothpaste mouthwash Or many sugar-free alternate foodstuffs If your dog consumes xylitol it’s Possible they will suffer vomiting Diarrhea lethargy seizures and even more Serious problems such as hypoglycemia After only a short time macadamia nuts These are toxic to dogs If your dog has eaten one or two they Could have mild to severe hind leg Weakness the poisoning will be greater If they eat more than seven whole Macadamia nuts although it rarely Produces death it can cause the dog Serious short-term harm and exacerbate Other health issues so it’s best to go To the vet toxic plants Symptoms caused by plant poisoning can Vary depending on the species ingested

In general they include vomiting and Negative effects on the central nervous System certain plant species can even be Fatal if ingested this link shares a Video on plants that are toxic to dogs Avocado pit and skin avocado is a food That can cause mild poisoning in dogs Due to a toxin called person which is Found both in the pit and in the skin as It is a mild poisoning the veterinarian Will indicate the most appropriate Treatment to control it and eliminate The toxin likewise if the pit is Ingested it could cause an obstruction And subsequent suffocation garlic and Onion the sulfur compound in garlic and Onion has been identified as toxic to Dogs for the animal to develop a serious Health problem they need to ingest large Amounts of garlic the onion does tend to Present certain symptoms of irritation In the digestive system despite Consuming only a moderate amount If your dog has eaten a large quantity Of garlic or onion it’s important that You go to the vet find out more about General dog care in the playlist that we Share in the link If you have experience with your dog Ingesting something toxic please share In the comments to advise others we’ll See you next time [Music]

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