10 COMMON MISTAKES When CARING for a CAT ๐Ÿฑ What to Avoid!

๐Ÿˆ Although relatively easy to care for, some of the 10 COMMON MISTAKES when CARING for a CAT are equally easy to make. This can be due to misunderstandings or neglect. When adopting a cat into the home, we need to ensure we know what level of care is required for cats in general, as well as the specific care requirements for our individual cat. This is why AnimalWised shares common errors when caring for cats.


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Even with the best intentions Cat Guardians can make mistakes in the care They provide animal wise explains what Are the 10 most common so you can avoid Them with your cat [Music] Treating a cat like a dog although both Common companion animals Felines and Canines are not the same cats are more Independent and less hierarchical Although each animal is an individual Dogs are known for their faithfulness Obedience and displays of unconditional Affection all traits which are far from A given when adopting a cat Neglecting education although they Cannot be trained like a dog cats still Need education to maintain a peaceful Coexistence in the home this is Important to forge a bond and allow the Cat to see their Guardian as a positive And stable presence this means play Behavior correction and positive Reinforcement for good behavior are all Very important Adopting them too young the period of Time a kitten spends with their mother And siblings is an essential stage in Their development and removing them too Early can have a detrimental effect on Their future well-being adopting them Before they have been weaned means they Miss out on learning some vital lessons From their mother such as life skills

And boundaries Neglecting vaccinations and deworming Although indoor cats are less Susceptible to parasites and disease Than cats with outdoor access all cats Can develop these problems in the right Circumstances Taking them to a veterinarian to Establish a vaccination and deworming Schedule catered to their specific needs Can help avoid life-threatening disease Deworming should be both internal and External discover more about deworming Cats in the video we share on the card Above Not assessing Spain or neutering Remaining sexually intact not only opens The cat up to unwanted pregnancy but it Leads to behavioral problems during heat Cycles in females and at all times for Males it also increases the risk of Various diseases which can be serious Not avoiding formation of hairballs cats Are very hygienic animals that groom Themselves regularly especially with Long-haired breeds their constant Grooming can lead to hairball formation This can cause serious gastrointestinal Upset Guardians can provide a more Suitable diet give digestive AIDS such As maltps for cats and provide regular Grooming to get rid of dead hair Not controlling their diet another Common mistake with cats is providing an

Improper diet sterilized cats can be More prone to obesity so we need to Ensure we monitor any weight gain as a Result of hormonal issues each cat will Also have their own specific dietary Requirements that must be met Not separating their spaces as already Mentioned cats are very hygienic animals But this is not limited to grooming even If space in the home is limited we need To separate the cat litter trays from Their food and rest areas we also need To ensure they have the opportunity to Create space for themselves away from The hubbub of the home since they can Otherwise become overwhelmed Yelling and scalding raised tones and Aggressive attitudes of some of the Worst mistakes you can make with your Cat whether such aggression is verbal or Physical it will only negatively Reinforce behaviors in the cat which can Negatively affect their health and Well-being In the next video we share above we Explain how to discipline a cat Correctly Offering milk contrary to popular belief Adult cast should not be given milk not Even as a treat the reason for this is Because they lose the ability to break Down lactase proteins and milk once they Mature giving them milk can cause Gastrointestinal upset

If you want to continue learning about Cat care don't miss the playlist We Share here Leave a comment to let us know of any of These mistakes surprised you and we'll See you next time [Music]

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