10 Curious FACTS About DOGS You Didn’t Know 🐢 Some Will Surprise You!

πŸ• Do you want to know curious facts about dogs? Then you are in the right place, in this AnimalWised video we reveal 10 curiosities of dogs that you did not know. Do not miss it!


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[Music] If you love dogs as much as we do you’ll Want to know as much about them as Possible In this animal-wise video we share 10 Curious facts about dogs you probably Didn’t know Hopefully you’ll discover something new The vision of dogs many people still Think dogs see in black and white But they actually do see color although They cannot see the spectrum of colour Which we humans can They perceive movement much better they Are also able to focus their attention On a specific point a long distance away Furthermore they can see better than us In the dark and distinguish yellow and Blue the most Dog fingerprints did you know that a Dog’s nose is unique The truth is that no two snouts are the Same as with human fingerprints Dogs also have their own distinct Imprint another fact is that their nose Can change color Either due to sunburn or the changing of Seasons The oldest dog in the world the oldest Breeds in the world are thought to be The basenji and the saluki Both are originally from the african Continent although it is not known Exactly when they emerged

The dog that does not bark the senji Dogs do not emit the characteristic Sound that we associate with canine Barking Instead the basenji makes a sound Similar to a ural when vocalizing It’s assumed that this peculiarity is Due to the fact that the structure of Its vocal cords is more similar to that Of a dingo than that of a domestic doll A unique tongue the chow chow dog has a Dark colored tongue that varies between Black blue and purple why is this Genetically this canine breed has a Higher number of pigment cells on the Tongue and mucous membranes These cells contain the pigments Responsible for providing color Therefore it has a unique and Unmistakable look [Music] The first astronaut was a dog the first Living being to travel into space was a Dog and her name was leica This soviet dog was picked up from the Street and became the first astronaut to Travel into space and in the Spacecraft’s sputnik Discover the true story of leica in the Video that we share here Beware of the dog the well-known beware Of the dog posters First appeared in ancient rome roman Citizens placed the latin phrase cave

Cannon Near their entrances as warnings dogs Sweat Unlike humans a dog sweats through their Paw pads Without this it would be impossible for Them to regulate their temperature Since the hair which keeps them warm in Winter would be problematic in warmer Climes They also expel heat through their mouth By painting eliminating hot air and Acquiring cold air The fastest dog the spanish greyhound is Considered the fastest of all dogs The reason why they were prominent in The sport of dog racing They can reach 72 kilometers per hour More than a moped Dogs do not perceive salty flavors taste Is the least developed sense of the dog As they have fewer taste buds than we do They perceive sweet sour and bitter Flavors but do not perceive the salt Taste if you like this video why not Keep going with this video where we Explain 10 curious things that dogs do Tell us in the comments which of these Curiosities has surprised you the most And we’ll see you next time

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