10 DOG BREEDS That Can Be Left Home Alone ๐Ÿถ

๐Ÿ• Adopting a dog is a great responsibility, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have other duties in our lives. AnimalWised reveals the dog breeds that can be left home alone for 8 hours or so. Although no dog should be ignored or neglected, these breeds are generally more independent and can best tolerate being left alone for a while.


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No doll can be neglected or abandoned For long periods but some are generally More independent and can be left alone For the day without much trouble animal Wise explains what breeds tend to better Manage loneliness [Music] Lhasa Apso To their small size and independent Temperament they are one of the best Breeds for those of us who need to be Outside the home to meet their work and Personal commitments these dogs have a Strong character and great levels of Courage in saying this they need to be Well socialized to avoid unwanted Behaviors related to territoriality and Resource protection [Music] This ancient dog breed is native to China they have a well-developed hunting Instinct making early socialization very Important if we want to Foster happy Coexistence with other dogs and animals Their strong and stubborn character Makes them relatively difficult to train So they're only recommended for Experienced Guardians Basenji they stand out for having an Independent but very active character This means they require a good level of Daily exercise and mental stimulation to Maintain stable Behavior although they Can be left home alone a Basenji will

Need an environment enriched with toys And other stimuli that allow them to Expand energy and exercise their Cognitive abilities even when we're not Around [Music] Sharpay this breed has a naturally Cam And independent Behavior allowing them To manage being alone and decreasing any Predisposition towards issues with Separation anxiety like they're Compatriot the chai chai the Sharpay has A strong character and their education Requires a lot of patience and Experience Discover more about this breed of dog in The video we share above Basset Hound their temperament is not Only independent but they can be Remarkably stubborn and often difficult To train this doesn't mean they can't Become great companions they just need Socialization and plenty of Reinforcement when this happens they can Be extraordinarily good company for Children especially due to their Patience for play Chihuahua when they've been properly Socialized from the first few weeks of Life are provided with a suitable diet And their care needs are met this breed Is perfectly capable of managing their Alone time without guardians but they Ideally should have the company of

Another similarly sized dog Kennis These little dogs are very brave and Establish a bond of extreme loyalty with Their Guardians they are so alert and Protective they are often wary of Strange people and animals once again Early socialization will be the key to Preventing unwanted behaviors that are Associated with territoriality and Protection of resources [Music] Shiba Inu considered one of the most Independent dog breeds and one that best Manages loneliness when living in a Positive and enriched environment it's An independent dog which is quiet Playful and sociable maintaining their Beautiful coat requires time and effort Especially during molting Seasons Likewise education is a non-negotiable Aspect of responsible ownership you may Have noticed their great resemblance to The Kita Inu but find out what makes Them different in the next video we Share Greyhound the main reason we include Greyhounds among the dog breeds that can Be left alone is their naturally calm And very do cell temperament as well as Their great appreciation for human Company in addition they shed very Little hair and can even live with Allergy sufferers however they need a

Good daily dose of exercise to expand Energy and maintain balanced Behavior Mixed breed dogs the amazing versatility Of their character allows them to adapt To a wide variety of environments and to People with different personalities and Lifestyles for this reason it's much More likely you'll find a mixed breed Dog that is compatible with your way of Living and with the behavioral traits You'd like to enjoy in your best dog Friend we want to remind you that no dog Whether mixed breed or purebred should Be left alone for more than 7 or 8 hours They all need to be attended to and Receive adequate care to preserve their Good physical and mental health you must Also bear in mind that a dog left alone For several hours at a time needs an Enriched environment where they can Exercise and keep body and mind active Without opportunity to do so it can Generate stress and create a very Negative impact on their health and Well-being is your dog more independent Or needy tell us about it in the Comments and we'll see you next time Foreign [Music]

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