10 DOG BREEDS That Look Most Like FOXES 🦊

🐶 Since they are both canids, it should be no surprise some dog breeds look like foxes, but AnimalWised provides our list of the 10 DOG BREEDS that look most like FOXES. These dog breed shave similarities in terms of coat, eyes, snout and tails, as well as similar behaviors to foxes.


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Since they are both canids it's Understandable that some dogs resemble The fox but this isn't true of all Breeds animal wise provides the dog Breeds that look most like foxes [Music] Finish spits this is the breed that most Resembles the red fox especially in Terms of size morphology and coat Coloration with small triangular ears And a pointed snite this dog can easily Be mistaken for a fox they can weigh up To 30 pounds or 14 kilograms about the Same weight as a large red fox Another of the dog breeds most similar In appearance to foxes is the shiba inu Especially red foxes and Swift foxes This is thanks to the shiba inu's Characteristic bi-color coat triangular Ears pointed snout and fairy tale Despite being nervous around strangers Shiba Inus can become the perfect family Pet the Sheba is a small dog that looks Like a fox but you can also find the Much larger Akita Inu which is similar In appearance discover the differences Between the shiba inu and the Akita Inu In the video we share on the card above Pomsky although they resemble a fox this Is not an officially recognized Breed by Most Registries they are a cross between A Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky there Are different generations with the Second generation looking most similar

To the Pomeranian and bearing the Greatest resemblance to a fox they have Fur a varying color meaning they can Resemble the red fox the arctic fox the Gray fox or the Black Fox depending on Their coat American Eskimo dog among Dogs that looked like arctic foxes the American eskimoot ticks all the boxes They have a similar size abundant white Fur small triangular ears round eyes and A pointed muzzle despite their name they Are a spitz breed first developed in Germany Italian volpino another dog similar to The Arctic and red fox is the Italian Volpino characterized by their unicolor Or red and white coat triangular ears And pointed snout they are a miniature Breed which can become very loyal and Dedicated to their Human family According to their breed standard cream Is the only officially accepted coat Color so dogs of this shoe appear most Similar to the fennec fox Pomeranian if we look at a Pomeranian It's difficult not to see a baby fox Looking back at you thanks to their Adorable face and fluffy coat they look Very similar to Fox Cubs especially Loose with reddish colors in their coat Like the Swift Fox Chihuahua not all Chihuahuas closely resemble foxes but The long-haired Chihuahua Bears a close Similarity to fennec foxes and red foxes

When their coats are cream-colored or Red colored respectively different Chihuahuas have different headships and Sizes the deer head Chihuahua looks most Like a fox due to their longer and Pointed snout which is different to Short-sighted Apple Head Chihuahuas in The next info video we explain the Advantages of adopting a Chihuahua into The family Icelandic sheepdog the close similarity Of the Icelandic sheepdog and the red Fox is undeniable both in terms of coat Color and size they also have a bushy Tail and similar facial features of the Fox they are quite vocal and need plenty Of exercise despite their small size Skipper key when looking at the skipper Key many automatically think of a Beautiful black fox thanks to their Triangular ears pointed snout and of Course their jet black coat also known As the little black devil this keeper Key needs a lot of attention to meet Their needs Papillon the last dog on our list of Dogs that look like small foxes is the Papillon known for their large ears and Tiny snout this breed perhaps does not Look most like any one type of fox Species but their features give them an Appearance that makes them look like a Mixture of several foxes if you want to Keep learning about other dog breeds

Don't miss the playlist We Share hair Let us know any Fox like breeds you Think we left out by leaving a comment And we'll see you next time [Music]

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