10 English Dog Breeds – With Descriptions

English culture has given us many things across the centuries and their influence on canine culture is no less than remarkable. English Dog breeds are some of the oldest breeds in the world with English breeders developing certain characteristics. These characteristics may be to better adapt their dog breeds to the English countryside, but it might simply be a reflection of British tastes in terms of physical appearance and character. However, it is important to remember that these English dog breeds are also the forebears of many mixed breed dogs which need love and care as much as the English Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, English Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, English Setter, English Mastiff, English Greyhound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, English Foxhound or English Bull Terrier. We encourage adopting to help the dog population as a whole. If you want to know more about English dog breeds, head on over to oursite for some further background information:

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There are more than 400 dog breeds in The world each one with unique Characteristics classified by different International canine federations it was In the United Kingdom during the Victorian era when more than 80% of the Dog breeds we know today were Established in this new animal wise Video we bring you the 10 was popular English dog breeds of all time [Music] The english bulldogge generally has a White coat with brown spots where you Can find individuals with a single color Either entirely white or varying shades Of brown Their ears are short and head is large With rounded black eyes due to its Morphology the English bulldog is Considered a brassy cephalic dog which Means this dog is prone to various Respiratory ocular and dermatological Conditions the Yorkshire Terrier is a Small dog which weighs around three to Four kilograms they are known for being Especially active often being quite Vocal but are equally well known for the Strong bond they develop a human’s their Coat is blue grey from their head to Tail with a golden colour underneath the English cocker spaniel is a very old Breed of dog and was in the past used For hunting it is very faithful with a Playful and affectionate character and

Becomes very attached to humans however One study suggests that gold coloured Specimens in this breed can tend towards Aggressiveness they are strong athletic Weigh around 15 kilograms they’re very Intelligent and can have a unique color By color or raw and marked coat According to Stanley corenz list of Smartest dog breeds that border collie Is the world’s most intelligent dog Originally raised as a herding dog they Are known for their energetic behavior Athletic skills and great ability to Obey orders The most common fur color is black and White either short or long the English Setter is an agile intelligent breed With skills for hunting and cattle Control today they are mainly Appreciated for their physical beauty The coat can be black and white Tricolor or brine with whitish spots Their ears can be longer short they have An elongated snout and a prominent nose With very rounded eyes this gives an Elegant and refined appearance The English Mastiff is a giant-sized dog Formerly used as a war dog more than 2,000 years ago at the end of the Second World War it was on the verge of Extinction but with the passage of time Several breeders managed to recover it It shows a short and rough coat Generally of sand colored tones

Their eyes and nose are especially dark Health-wise they have a tendency to Ectropion gastric torsion and kidney Stones The English Greyhound is an athletic Looking dog with elegant and fast its Head is elongated and narrow with dark Eyes long ears and a little drooping as For their personality this independent Breed so they will always seek to have Their own space at home this does not Mean however that they can’t be tender And affectionate the fur is light brown A little can also be by color with Whitish spots the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed with an elegant and Refined appearance they owe their name To king charles ii of england believed By some to be his favorite breed they Are a small dog with the robust hairy Frame they have a short snipe and long Droopy ears their characters extremely Do sell and affectionate and as for Their health the breed is prone to Various eye and respiratory diseases There is also a hereditary disease in The english breed lines known as syringe Emilia it is a serious condition which Can be very painful for the dog the English Foxhound like other breeds of Dog mentioned in this list was Originally used as a hunting dog it’s Capable of travelling long distances Without getting tired as well as having

Great agility and a very developed sense Of smell the coat is short and normally Tricolor of white black and brine it’s Considered a very active sociable and Affectionate breed We finish our list with the English bull Terrier a dog considered a potentially Dangerous breed in some countries like Spin but is especially popular elsewhere There are active and sociable and Character strong and agile and built we Can normally see all white dogs in this Breed but brindle red black and tricolor Bull Terriers do exist they have medium Build and around 25 kilos in wind here Ends our top 10 list of English dog Breeds if you disagree and would like to Add your own favorites you can do so by Leaving a comment below don’t forget to Give us a like if you enjoyed the video And subscribe for plenty more still to Come see you next time [Music]

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