10 FACTS About FOXES That May Surprise You 🦊 Fun Fox Facts

🦊 Do you want to know curious facts about foxes? In this AnimalWised video, we explain 10 facts about foxes you probably didn’t know. Discover how the fox communicates, what are their hunting strategies, what is their diet, where do they live and much more with our fun fox facts video.


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[Music] If you want to know more about foxes let Animal wise share some of these fun fox Facts you probably didn’t already know Let’s get stuck in They are the smallest canids on average Foxes are the smallest animals within The canadai family with the smallest Species of any cannid being a type of Fox this honor goes to the fenic fox Which measures between 0.5 and 0.7 Meters in length and weighs an average Of 0.8 kilograms in the case of females And 1.5 kilograms in males they have a Distinctive head Although foxes have a dog-like Appearance their skull is distinctive in That it is more flattened and the snout Is pointed their ears are also vertical And pointed in this way the foxes have a Characteristic head shape compared to Other canids They have unique markings another Feature of foxes that allows them to be Distinguished is the presence of dark or Black triangular patches between the Eyes and the nose the tip of the tail Also has a different colour than most of The rest of their fur They use their tail to regulate their Temperature A fox’s tail is also very particular It’s covered in thick fur and takes up Approximately a third of their total

Body length this is relatively long for A mammal and allows them to appear Bigger at different times in certain Instances they can use the tail to Regulate body temperature in cold areas As they can wrap it around to keep their Body warm They hunt by jumping In general these animals are good Hunters but they have a typical way of Capturing certain prey This consists of pouncing down Vertically and coming down hard on their Victim to stun them They are not strict carnivores although They belong to the order carnivora they Do not have a strictly carnivorous diet They are actually omnivores their Feeding behavior is quite opportunistic And they take advantage of many Resources present in their habitat while They feed on a variety of vertebrates And invertebrates they also eat eggs Various types of fruit berries seeds Leaves and roots They can live in very diverse habitats Foxes are distributed mainly in the Northern hemisphere in america and Europe but they are also present in Parts of asia and africa within this Range they develop as a species in a Variety of habitats such as deserts Semi-deserts tundras savannahs forests Maritime zones cultivated areas lowlands

And mountains above 4000 metres Find out more curious information about Animals with our first info video on Turtle facts you may not know they are Good parents When about to give birth females take Shelter in an underground den they do Not usually emerge for three months After labor which is when weaning occurs During this time the male will bring Food to their mate and he will also Share food with the cubs when they begin To wean When the cubs eventually do exit the den They do so as a family with both parents Helping to teach the little ones hunting Techniques and other skills to help them Fend for themselves Foxes can even help support young that Are not their own They emit very peculiar vocalizations Foxes emit various sounds to communicate Which are unique to each individual they Can emit marks of three syllables which Are believed to be for identification of Specific family members and high pitched Marks of one syllable to alert or warn They also emit a sound known as Geckering this is described as a kind of Stutter emitted from the throat and is Used for mating season or in conflicts With other foxes They are very fast In general they are fast animals that

Can reach around 50 kilometers per hour However the species that is particularly Fast within the group is the swift fox Which can even exceed this amount If you want to continue learning about Other wild animals don’t miss the Playlist we share here Share any of your favorite fox facts we Left out by leaving a comment below and We’ll see you next time [Music]

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