10 FACTS About FROGS That May Surprise You ๐Ÿธ

๐Ÿธ Did you know that some frogs are almost invisible? Or how many species of frog exist? Learn more about these and more with these 10 FACTS About FROGS That May Surprise You from AnimalWised.


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Many of us might underestimate the Humble frog but these 10 fun facts about Frogs from animal wise should provide a Newfound respect for this fascinating Amphibian [Music] They are a very diverse group frogs and Toads are the most diverse amphibians That exist with more than 7 000 Currently known species the next most Diverse amphibian is the salamander with A relatively poultry 738 species and the Third position is held by Sicilians with Only about 212. these numbers indicate That frogs of the order anira make up More than 80 percent of current Amphibians of which some 56 families and 452 Genera have been classified The greatest diversity lives in the Tropics frogs have a wide global Distribution only being absent from Certain volcanic islands Antarctica and Extremely arid areas the greatest Diversity of this amphibian occurs in The tropical regions of our planet they Are associated with various bodies of Water or areas with high humidity Something essential for reproduction There are translucent frogs there's a Family of frogs called centralinodye Commonly known as glass frogs although Most of their body is green their name Is derived from the translucent patch of Skin that can be found in their abdomen

Which allows their internal organs to be Visible when they are moving or feeling Safe their blood circulates normally so Their insides are easily seen but when They are in danger they concentrate Their blood in the liver to hide them There are frogs with Tails most frogs Carry out external fertilization however The males of a few species have an Extension of the cloaca that is used as A copulatory organ using it to Internally fertilize females These species live in Rapid water Currents and in addition to their tail Have other adaptations such as reduce Lung capacity and hardened fingertips Some frogs have horns they're a species That have dermal protuberances over the Eyes that look like horns several of These species are gripped in the genus Seratifrus and are typical South American countries mainly lose around The Amazon they are voracious frogs Capable even of eating small mammals Such as rats If you're enjoying this video you can Help us to create more of the content That You Love by leaving us a super Thanks They all have vocal cords it's common to Hear the song of frogs in various areas Something possible thanks to the Presence of vocal cords through which Air passes and signs are produced

Meals have much more developed vocal Cords than females and the emission of These vocalizations is mainly used to Attract mates and reproduce They only have teeth in the upper jaw Frog teeth do not meet in their jaw Frogs are vertebrate animals so they Also have teeth but the teeth are only Present in the upper jaw these teeth are Known as Pomeranian teeth so-called Because they are located in the Wilmer Bone found in the roof of the mouth There are very poisonous frogs virtually All frogs can produce toxic substances Known as buffoon toxins which they Excrete through their skin they use These to defend themselves and avoid Becoming prey the toxicity of the Substances varies from species to Species with some only producing Slightly irritating and unpleasant Beautiful toxins others such as the Poison dart frog are extremely poisonous And could even be lethal to humans Discover which are the most venomous Animals in the world in the input video We share above there are giant and dwarf Frogs on one hand we can find the Goliath frog which is considered the Largest in the world their length can Reach about 12 inches and they can weigh Over 6 pounds at The Other Extreme we Have species in the pedopharyn amuins Native to Papio New Guinea which measure

About seven millimeters they are in Danger of extinction frogs have not Escaped the dramatic situation that Animal biodiversity is experiencing Globally alterations to their habitat Climate change and increases in Ultraviolet radiation are just some of The causes that have put various species Of frog at risk some endangered frogs Are the poison dart frog the Darwin's Frog the Harlequin poison frog or the Yellow spotted tree frog if you want to Continue learning about other wild Animals don't miss the playlist We Share Here tell us which frog fact surprised You the most by leaving us a comment and We'll see you next time [Music]

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