10 FACTS About GUINEA PIGS 🐹 Some May Surprise You!

In this AnimalWised video we bring you 10 facts about guinea pigs that you probably didn’t know. These facts are all about how they behave, what happens when they are born and much more about guinea pigs which might surprise you.


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Whether you live with cavies or you Simply want to know more about this Popular pet animal-wise shares are 10 Facts about guinea pigs that might Surprise you They are very sociable in nature guinea Pigs are gregarious animals that live in Groups they usually form groups of more Than 10 individuals with only one or two Males and the rest females living in Such groups means they are social Animals who usually enjoy the company of Others and can even become depressed When they spend too much time alone They are born well developed the Gestation of guinea pigs is relatively Long ranging between 58 and 75 days Unlike other rodents this means guinea Pigs are born highly developed with Their eyes open covered in hair and with Their teeth erupted As with all mammals they have a Lactation period but they begin to Consume solid food only a few days after Birth They grow very fast Another guinea pig fact about Development is that they have very rapid Growth during the first weeks of life They gain up to 50 grams a week which is Something truly remarkable if you take Into account the small size of these Animals Afterwards growth slows until they reach

Adult size at 14 to 15 months of age They have a higher temperature than ours You may have heard that dogs and cats Have a somewhat higher body temperature Than ours this is also the case with Guinea pigs whose normal body Temperature ranges between 37.2 and 39.7 Degrees celsius or 98.9 and 103.46 degrees fahrenheit they have a Good memory Guinea pigs have a great ability to Memorize the environments they inhabit And map them in their heads although They don’t have great night vision this Means they are able to navigate their Inclusions with great precision even When dark if you like animal-wise Remember that a super thanks can help us To create more content for you to enjoy They can sleep with their eyes open Although their eyelids allow them to Close their eyes many guinea pigs sleep With their eyes open Some do it regularly and others only Sporadically this is simply a defense Mechanism that they have developed to Help act quickly in threatening Situations Their teeth grow continuously Guinea pigs have an open root dentition Which causes their teeth to grow Continuously throughout their lives Under normal conditions the rate of Erosion and eruption of the teeth is

Balanced allowing them to maintain their Teeth in perfect condition when guinea Pigs are not offered an abrasive food Such as hay which allows their teeth to Progressively wear down and overgrowth Occurs that leads to dental disease Check out our first info video above to Find out how to know if your guinea pig Loves you they do not synthesize vitamin C As with humans primates and some species Of bat guinea pigs are unable to produce Vitamin c on their own because they lack The enzyme l-gluconolactone oxidase this Is necessary for the synthesis of this Vitamin for this reason it’s essential To offer these animals a diet rich in Vitamin c allowing them to meet their Nutritional requirements of between 5 And 30 milligrams of vitamin c per Kilogram of animal Find out which fruits and vegetables are Good for guinea pigs in the next info Video They eat their feces Another of the most curious facts about Guinea pigs is that they are coprophagus Meaning they regularly ingest their own Feces although it may seem unhygienic They eat some types of their feces to Obtain b vitamins and to optimize Protein intake They have very sensitive hearing The ear of guinea pigs is capable of

Perceiving frequencies between 12 and 60 000 hertz while the human ear only Proceeds frequencies between 20 and 20 000 hertz They have a particularly sensitive sense Of hearing so they are able to perceive The audible spectrum of humans and Ultrasonic frequencies For this reason it’s important to avoid Loud noises in homes with guinea pigs Since they can cause great stress if you Want to continue learning about other Small mammals don’t miss the playlist we Share here Let us know which guinea pig fact Surprised you most and feel free to add Any more in the comments we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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