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Maybe you think you're a jellyfish Expert or you're just curious about These mesmerizing creatures either way Test your knowledge with animal wise Facts about jellyfish you probably Didn't know [Music] They have existed for millions of years Jellyfish have existed on Earth for Millions of years more specifically Around 600 million years the first Fossils attributable to jellyfish date Back to the Paleozoic Era they are Mainly made of water jellyfish are Animals belonging to the nidarian family As we know their morphology is Bell-shaped thanks to which they're able To move through the water using their Characteristic rhythmic contractions These curious and fascinating beings are Only around five percent solid matter With the rest being made up of water Their mouth also acts as an anus despite Being made up of so little solid matter They have a fully functioning if not Slightly more unconventional digestive System they are able to ingest and Metabolize their prey through a mouth Located on the lower side of their Anatomy perhaps unexpectedly this mouth Also acts as an anus as they use it to Excrete feces after metabolism some can Glow in the dark bioluminescence is the Ability of some living organisms to

Produce light right something you may Have been able to see in certain species Of jellyfish these animals transform Chemical energy into light energy to Defend themselves against predators Attract prey or even Court potential Mates They have neither brain nor blood a Jellyfish body can be described as a Mobile water Sac the anatomy of Jellyfish is made up of two layers of Fine cellular tissue between which is an Inert and aqueous material if you want To know other rare marine animals don't Miss the video we share in the card Above if you enjoy our animal wise Content think about giving us a super Thanks as it helps us to continue making It they sting even after they are dead Have you ever stepped on a jellyfish Body washed up in the beach they can be Easy to miss as they're transparent and Sticky bodies end up covered in sand Making them a risk for anyone walking Barefoot on the shore if you've ever Stepped on one by accident you'll know That the tentacles of a dead jellyfish Still cause welts albeit to a lesser Extent They have several types of reproduction These marine animals are characterized By a complex life cycle which involves Alternating reproductive habits in Successive Generations one generation

Will reproduce sexually by fertilizing Eggs with sperm while the next will Reproduce asexually by cloning Themselves Jellyfish or UV Paris and lay hundreds Of eggs incubating them between their Tentacles one jellyfish species is one Of the most deadly animals the Australian box jelly nicknamed the sea Wasp is one of the most deadly animals In the world as their name suggests they Live in Australia and their venom is Used to quickly paralyze their prey Something which is usually fatal Although rare it has been known to kill Humans thanks to their highly Concentrated toxins there is a type of Giant jellyfish the giant lion's mane Jellyfish is recognized worldwide for Being the largest jellyfish in the world The body of this species can reach Almost 4 meters in diameter and its Tentacles almost 40 meters long Something which will make it Intimidating to any passing swimmers the Smallest jellyfish is one of the most Venomous known as the irikanji jellyfish It has a body that measures Approximately 35 millimeters in diameter And tentacles that are barely 1.2 Centimeters long for this reason it is Considered the smallest jellyfish in the World however it is known to be the Second most poisonous jellyfish in the

World even becoming deadly if treatment Is not received in time if you want to Continue learning about other wild Animals don't miss the playlist We Share Here Leave a comment with the jellyfish fact That surprised you the most and share Any more we left out we'll see you next Time [Music]

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