10 FACTS About TURTLES You Probably Didn’t Know ๐Ÿข

๐Ÿข Do you want to know curious facts about sea turtles and land turtles? In this AnimalWised video, we explain 10 fun facts about turtles that you probably did not know. Which ones surprised you?


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Even if you already love turtles you Might find some more reasons to be a fan Of the hard-shelled reptiles with our Animal-wise list of turtle facts Keep watching to see if you know them [Music] They do not have teeth but this isn’t a Limitation of their ability to feed Some species such as the leatherback Turtle have keratinized structures on Their palate around their jaw and even Down towards the esophagus these help Them to retain and process food other Species such as the green turtle rely on Their hooked beaks to hold food They do not have vocal cords but this Doesn’t prevent them from emitting Various types of sounds to communicate Although we cannot clearly hear all Sounds made by these animals they emit Signs of different type and frequency For example tortoises make certain Sounds often during mating They don’t have ears Turtles do not have an outer ear but They do have an auditory system made up Of the middle and inner ear which allows Them to process sound and vibration Their shell is part of the spinal column A turtle’s carapace or shell offers Protection against some predators and Trauma although its hardness varies from One species to another This structure is not an exoskeleton

It’s a modification of the animal’s rib Cage which is also part of its spine and Ribs Discover the story of a sea turtle that Was rescued with a fractured shell in The video that we share above Not all have the same type of neck all Tortoises are grouped in order tested in These but they are divided into two Sub-orders they are the sub-order Pleurodyra where turtles that can move The head sideways are grouped this is Due to the neck vertebrae flexing Laterally The other is the crypto dire suborder in This group there are those that are Capable of retracting the head into Their shell since the neck vertebrae can Flex vertically There are giant species There is a group of 12 living turtle Species known as galapagos giant Tortoises these are the largest turtles That currently exist some of these can Weigh almost 900 pounds and measure six Feet in length They communicate before birth While they are still in the egg and are About to hatch sea turtles are able to Hear the sounds emitted by females Waiting in the water These signs are to guide the young The baby sea turtles also make certain Sounds to communicate with the other

Hatchlings waiting to be born so they Can synchronize the hatching Learn about keeping wild animals as pets In the next info video we share above Temperature determines sex In several turtle species the Temperature of the environment where the Eggs develop determines the sex of the Embryos however there is no single Process In some cases high temperatures cause More females and fewer males to form in Other cases males are formed at their Intermediate thermal conditions while Females at the temperature is at either Extreme They are very long lived turtles are Animals that grow quickly allowing them To live with less time while their shell Develops Once they have matured they slow down Their development and age quickly this Gives them a potential longevity of more Than a hundred years as is the case of The santiago island giant tortoise among Others The guinness book of records lists one Of the oldest tortoises to have lived Who died at 188 years of age In 2006 adwaita a giant aldabra tortoise That lived in a zoo in india died who Was suspected of being more than 250 Years of age Many species are in danger of extinction

We end with the most devastating turtle Fact namely that there are many turtle Species which are threatened for various Reasons For example in the case of sea turtles Factors such as climate change pollution Hunting accidental fishing and the Result of damage from boats have led to A significant impact on these animals If you want to continue learning Curiosities about animals don’t miss the Playlist we share here Tell us which turtle facts you find most Surprising and we’ll see you next time You

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