10 FACTS You Didn’t Know About KOALAS 🐨🌿 Find out!

🐨 Koalas are iconic animals that are particularly popular due to their cute appearance. However, they are much more than just a pretty face. In this AnimalWised video, we share 10 facts you (probably) didn’t know about koalas. Find out if they eat toxic plants, where they live, how long they sleep and what their senses are like, among other curious facts.



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Koalas are internationally recognized For their cuteness but they are Fascinating animals for many reasons not Just their appearance see what we mean With this animal-wise video of 10 facts You probably didn’t know about koalas [Music] They are marsupials in terms of grouping Koalas are marsupial animals this is Because females have a parch known as a Marsupial in which their young complete Their growth for baby koalas gestation Only lasts about 35 days after which the Fetus is born they weigh around a pound In weight at this point but they crawl Into the marsupian and develop after six Or seven months they leave the pouch for The first time They are endemic to australia these Peculiar mammals are endemic to Australia although they previously had a Greater distribution at present they are Restricted to the northeast central and Southeast of queensland with some Discontinuous presence in western Regions they are also in eastern new South wales in victoria and the southern Southeast Not all are the same size These cute looking animals despite their Small size are stocky although Subspecies have not been formally Recognized so far they have different Weights and sizes depending on both sex

And whether they live to the north or South of the aforementioned regions They have opposable fingers and Fingerprints Their front legs have five toes but the First two are opposable to the rest this Adaptation allows them to climb since They have arboreal habits on their hind Limbs the first two is short and Separated the second and third are fused Also they have sharp claws perhaps the Most curious feature about their limbs Is that they have fingerprints just like Humans They have good sense of hearing and Smell Koalas have poor eyesight however given The type of lifestyle they lead this is Not as important as hearing and smell Which are highly developed with the First sense they manage to interact and Develop socialization mainly for Reproduction as for smell their Distinctive nose allows them to perceive And evaluate the food they consume Their name means no drink the term koala Comes from the australian word gula Which means no drink for some time it Was thought that these marsupials did Not need to drink water however this is Not true although they take some water From the plants they consume they do Require other sources of hydration They eat up to a kilogram of toxic

Plants Koalas are herbivorous animals that feed Mainly on some species of eucalyptus Plant these are plants that contain Toxic compounds which would be harmful To other animals however koalas have Developed an anatomical and Physiological system that allows them to Feed in these leaves without causing Damage They sleep almost all day Koalas have a slower metabolism than Most mammals this is related to need to Conserve energy in turn due to their low Nutrient diet to optimize the Maintenance of their energy these Animals spend most of their time Sleeping usually around 18 to 20 hours a Day They have a small brain In relation to the size of their head And the rest of their body and when Compared to other marsupials koalas have A small brain their brain is also Smoother in texture this is believed to Be because a larger and more complex Brain would require more energy They are prone to chlamydia Unfortunately chlamydia is a bacterial Infection that is common in koalas these Animals usually carry the bacteria that Causes the disease but without Generating any symptoms however due to The increased stress in these marsupials

Caused by alteration of their habitat Their immune system is depressed giving Way to bacterial infection that can Cause blindness and infertility If you want to continue learning Curiosities about animals don’t miss the Playlist we share here Tell us which koala facts surprise you The most let us know in the comments and We’ll see you next time

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