10 FALSE MYTHS About CATS Many of Us Still Believe 🐱❌ #Shorts

🐈 There are many myths about cats that some of us take as fact. This is often due to the culture around cats, but it can also be about misinterpreting otherwise normal behaviors for something else. AnimalWised helps you recognize some of the most popular, but untrue, legends about cats, with our list of the 10 FALSE MYTHS About CATS Many of Us Still Believe.

10 false myths about cats you should Stop believing Cats have nine lives Milk is a suitable food for cats Black cats bring bad luck Cats always land on their feet Pregnant women should not have cats Foreign Cats can educate themselves Cats are treacherous and don't care About us Cats and dogs can't get along Cats see in black and white Cats need less care than dogs let us Know if you believed any of these false Cat myths

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