10 Fascinating Facts About the Border Collie

If you love Border Collies, and there may be something amiss if you don’t, then you will know how wonderful a dog they can be. However, these 10 fascinating facts about the Border Collie from AnimalWised will help you get to know them even more. We look at the habits and behaviors of the Border Collie, find out about the Border Collie’s history and enjoy finding out ways we can make this dog a vital part of our lives. We also look into some interesting aspects and dispel some myths. If you want to know more about the Border Collie you can take a look at this article on the differences between the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd:

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[Music] Welcome to this new animal wised video Today we are going to share ten Fascinating facts about the border Collie one of the most popular and Responsive dog breeds Have you ever heard that the border Collie is the smartest dog in the world It derives from studies by the famous Psychologist Stanley Coren author at the 1994 book the intelligence of dogs which Lists the smartest dog breeds in the World this book is a standard for Millions of people the most amazing case Is probably that of chess a border Collie he was able to identify 1022 Different toys The border collie is an especially Active dog not providing enough walks And/or physical exercise can lead to Various behavioral problems such as Destructiveness hyperactivity anxiety or Even excessive vocalization the idealist Offer run for daily walks which combine Walking exercise socialization and Encouraging sniffing behavior likewise We mustn’t forget the importance of Mental stimulation through obedience and Games although we don’t know the true Origins at the border collie we do know That it is a very old breed in fact it Was developed in the British Isles Between the fifth and first centuries BC This is also where they get their name

As in gaelic collie means useful Suggesting the border collie was used to Perform certain functions most likely Farming on the other hand the term Border comes in the Border’s territory Which has been established between Scotland and England since the 17th Century The Border Collie has many qualities Including the ability to herd which Stands out as exceptional working as a Sheepdog was one of the first functions Given to this breed thanks to this the Animal no longer attacked the herd but Guided controlled and monitored as much As the human Shepherd while they have a Natural instinct to guide hardiness a Technique which must be developed Through education and training we should Never let a Border Collie hurt sheep if You have no experience as they might Unintentionally harm the animals at Animal wise we are not in favor of using Animals simply as tools or objects However it is worth highlighting the Active and alert nature of the border Collie for this reason they make Fantastic guard dogs we don’t mean they Should attack or even defend but they Can warn their guardians of the presence Of a stranger or other potential danger Since the border collie and the Australian Shepherd are herding dogs With a strong physical resemblance it’s

Not surprising they often get confused With each other you should know that the Border collie is a direct descendant of This Julian Shepherd we can Differentiate by their ears which are Usually erect or semi erect in the case Of the border collie the Australian Shepherd does not have as great a Variety of coat colors in the Description you will find a link to how You can differentiate between these two Boots [Music] Heterochromia is a genetic difference That dogs cats and even people can have It’s a hereditary phenomenon which Causes the eyes to be different colors The border collie can show complete Heterochromia with one blue and one Brown eye they can also experience Albinism in the form of white spots Around the eyes The Border Collie can have bicolor Tricolor merle white black or gray fur The breed can also develop as long as Short hair as well as multiple coat Patterns likewise they have a very dense Undercoat which allows them to maintain The temperature in cold climates and for Both types of Border Collie the variety Of coat colors can be immense this may Seem obvious since all dogs are faithful However the border collie breed has the Distinction have been extremely faithful

To its family they’re close to their Guardians because they emphatically Understand what they feel and will Quickly return the love their owners Provide however they can be reserved Around strangers something which depends On their socialization this Characteristic is derived from the Previous one the border collie is very Faithful intelligent so they are ideal For children additionally they are Obedient organized and a tireless dog This is why it’s perfect for energetic And non sedentary children who are able To interact properly the border collie Is only ideal for families of time and Here is your video for today do you know All these facts do you have any more You’d like to share if so leave us your Comments below give us a like if you Enjoyed the video and don’t forget to Subscribe for more we’ll see you next Time You

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