Discover 10 GRAY DOG BREEDS in this video from AnimalWised. We discuss the different dog breeds which can have a gray coat, share some fascinating facts about them and give you information about their general character. While we share these gray dog breeds, we want to stipulate you shouldn’t choose a dog by their color alone, but their character and how you can best provide for them are the most important factors. Discover more about individual breeds below 👇


1. Weimaraner:
2. Great Dane:
3. Schnauzer:
4. Italian Greyhound:
5. Poodle:
6. Chinese Crested Dog:
7. Siberian Husky:
8. American Staffordshire Terrier:
9. Staffordshire Bull Terrier:
10. Neapolitan Mastiff:

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[Music] Are you thinking of adopting a gray dog If so let us introduce you to 10 breeds Which fit the description before we do So it’s important to remember that the Dog’s color is one of the least Important considerations when thinking Of adoption their character and how you Can best provide for them are the most Important We also recommend adopting to help dogs Which are in need [Music] By Mariner also known as the by Mariner Vorster hoon this is an excellent dog Which can be found in various shades of Grey including silver charcoal gray or Mouse gray a curiosity of this breed is That their puppies begin life with blue Eyes which turn amber as they age Great Dane Although this dog can be gray the Great Danes range of colors and patterns is Vast still one of the most beautiful is The blue grey variety similarly the Harlequin Great Dane coat pattern can Present with white fur and gray spots Despite their large size and athletic Appearance the Great Dane is not the Most active dog so they do need moderate Daily exercise before continuing don’t Forget to subscribe to our channel to Keep up to date with everything we share In addition in the description you will

Find links to all the breeds mentioned In this video so you can know more about Each of them Schnauzer giant standard and Miniature Schnauzers can all display a gray coat But only the pure black and so-called Salt-and-pepper coat are accepted by the FCI All sizes are an energetic and sociable Breed italian grey hunt this is the Smallest of all grey horn breeds with a Weight not exceeding 5 kilograms and a Height of around 38 centimeters at the Withers they are intelligent sweet Affectionate kin and very sensitive Regarding the colours of this breed only Solid colors such as grey black white or Cinnamon are accepted poodle the poodle Can present with a solid gray coat which Can be a varying darkness in all types The breed has a strong and active Character meaning they require lots of Stimulation to channel their energy and Maintain a balanced demeanor the poodle Is also one of the smartest dog breeds In the world [Music] Chinese Crested dog another small gray Dog breed is the Chinese Crested dog the Gray is not solid as it presents a Combination of gray skin and white Crested fur this is because the dog has Large areas of the body which do not Have any fur at all displaying the

Naturally gray skin underneath the parts With hair usually occupied the head legs And tail areas Siberian Husky one of the Most popular gray dog breeds is the Siberian Husky although their coat also Has a lot of white fur the gray can be Light medium or dark Heterochromia is also common in this Breed meaning the dog displays eyes of Different colors they are very active And have a tendency towards vocalization Ideally they should be kept in cold or Temperate climates [Music] American Staffordshire Terrier this is a Medium-sized dog and all colors are Allowed in the breed standard both in Solid or pattern appearance they can be Grey blue gray or gray with patches of White they are very active dog and Sociable with people however they are Also considered a potentially dangerous Breed in some countries so that Distribution is limited Staffordshire Bull Terrier this dog is Much smaller than the American Staffordshire Terrier and can be fond Brindled or of solid color they are Accepted in all colors including blue Grey they are especially suitable and Playful and one of the most popular Breeds in various countries [Music] Neapolitan Mastiffs we finish with the

Neapolitan Mastiffs a large Milazzo type Dog that presents with loose skin full Of folds and wrinkles they can be grave Charcoal or black although we can also Find Tony or mahogany examples like the Previous two breeds it is also Considered a potentially dangerous dog In various countries if you want to Continue knowing information about dog Breeds here above and in the description You will find a video in which we Explain the ten most popular dog breeds In the world tell us your favorite breed From those we have mentioned with Reasons why don’t forget to like us if You find the video interesting and we’ll See you next time [Music] You

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