10 MOLOSSER DOG BREEDS 🔥 (+ Fun Facts)

Do you want to know what types of Molosser dog breeds there are? Do you not even know what Molosser type dogs are? In this AnimalWised video, we bring your our list of 10 Molosser dog breeds as well as fun facts and characteristics of Molosser dogs in general and those specific to each breed. If you want to know more, you can also check out these related videos:

Fila Brasileiro 👉


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Molosser dogs are generally robust Muscular strong and highly loyal to the Tutors they are excellent command Companions and attract a lot of Attention from passers-by do you want to Know our list is 10 Veloster dog breeds With fun facts about each one if so keep Watching animal wise [Music] Molosser dogs are certain types of breed Which share similar physical Characteristics including a strong Musculature similarly strong jaws large Heads and a short or flat snipe in Ancient times various crossings were Made with the aim of making excellent Protection and guard dogs As a result is robust faithful and Extremely noble dog breeds were Eventually produced before we present Our 10 was characteristic Molosser Breeds don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel to stay up to date with Everything we shared [Music] Boxer they are one of the most popular Molosser dogs worldwide born from the Crossing of the extinct bar banter Bullenbeisser and the old english Bulldog They usually have a phone or brindle Coat during World War two They were a messenger dog delivering Communication cables they also worked

With ambulance services to transport the Soldiers wounded in war Connie Corso they are a fairly Territorial protective and independent Dog they descend from the cannons pug Max a breed of molosser that was used as A war dog watchdog and gladiator dog Where they fought against other animals Such as bears and lions they are also a Very active dog making it perfect for Outdoor families who enjoy excursions And related activities above and in the Description we share a video where we go Into much more detail about the Connie Corso tosa inu this breed is a Japanese Dog from the imposing yet beautiful and Faithful Molosser type they are usually Very reserved with strangers but Affectionate and playful with their Family a large dog they can measure up To 82 centimeters at the withers Spanish master the largest of all Spanish breeds these two can reach up to 80 centimeters for centuries the Spanish Mastiff has not only been an excellent Companion animal but a great protector And guard dog for homes and buildings in Rural Spain today it’s not uncommon to See a Spanish master walking around the City due to its increasing popularity [Music] Saint Bernard perhaps the most famous of All molosser breeds the st. Bernard Originated in the Swiss Alps and

Northern Italy they descend from other Breeds such as the Tibetan Mastiff Great Dane Newfoundland and the extinct Alpine Master timber nerds are not synonymous With courage loyalty tranquillity and The battle if you want to know more About the first dog in our list the Boxer check out this video here or in The description [Music] Neapolitan Mastiffs they are extremely Strong and robust dogs used in ancient Times as guard and war dogs however These are not the only qualities which Define them they are also one of the Most loyal molosser type dogs which love Their family physically they are Characterized for having many fools in Their skin and are very tall managering Between 70 and 80 centimeters and some Weighing after hundred kilos [Music] Dog de bordo despite their imposing Appearance this breed is a very kind and Noble dog perfect for families of Children one of its peculiar Characteristics is due to their enormous Head and the amount of wrinkles on their Face displaying a very specific Expression especially when attempted to Or a curious about something in the past The dog de Bordeaux was used for Big-game hunting fighting and guarding Rottweiler of German origin the

Rottweiler has a strong athletic and Robust body they vary between being Medium and large-sized doll there are Parents inspires both admiration and Fear with many especially those Unfamiliar with them despite the Powerful parents a well socialized Rottweiler can be a loyal and very Loving companion they are not Particularly active and adapt to all Kinds of families Fila Brasileiro as you Can tell by the name the Fila Brasileiro Originates in Brazil where they were Used as watchdogs big-game hunting and Cattle protection a low robust and Massive they are gentle giants and very Faithful dogs a sad part of their History involves their use in catching Escaped slaves during the days of Brazilian slavery thankfully this mode Of employment is a thing of the past we Recently published an entire video Dedicated to this wonderful breed which You can find here and in the description Great Dan one of the tallest dog breeds In the world the Great Dane is also Elegant and very charismatic the FCI Considers in the Apollo of dog breeds Due to their well proportioned body and Character the Great Dane has a variety Of coat colors including fawn brindle Blue black and horrible which palazzo Type dog breed is your favorite tell us About it in the comments and don’t

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