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πŸ’•πŸ• Do you like dogs? Discover in this video from AnimalWised, 10 really adorable dog breeds. Learn about the origins, characteristics and personality of all these cute dog breeds. Do not miss it!


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Do you find dogs as adorable as we do Although they are all special there are Some dogs we find particularly cute at Animal-wise Due to their physical appearance and Character here we bring you our list of The top 10 most adorable dog breeds And share some characteristics and facts So you can help them a little better Let’s get started Pomeranian this breed has their origin In the pomerania region of northern Germany and poland They are an independent and territorial Animal although very cheerful energetic And sociable This little dog has a double layer coat A thicker undercoat and a longer and Coarser outer layer Their head is small and triangular Making them resemble a fox Sharpie of asian origin the sharpay is Known for their distinctive wrinkled Skin Triangular ears and small dark eyes Giving them an adorable appearance Although we often see them with a creamy Brown coat they can be almost any color In terms of personality the sharpay is Noted for being calm Intelligent and affectionate with their Family though they can be somewhat Independent And usually need some time alone

Maltese the origin of this breed is not Entirely clear with some sources Pointing to malta and others to italy They are a small dog and have an Abundance of white hair They are known for their even Temperament they are quite sociable Do not need long walks and they have a Cheerful and friendly character They are without doubt an adorable dog Cavalier king charles spaniel they Originate from england and are known for Their small stature and drooping ears Which encase their face in an adorable Expression They have long smooth and fine hair Which combines white with either black Brown or orange They are usually well balanced active Noble and sociable dogs Discover more about this breed in the Video that we share here and in the Description Try try the char jar looks like a soft Fluffy lion and they originate from China They are a medium-sized dog with an Abundant mane around their head Short ears and a characteristic blue Tongue the charger is a very calm animal Which is not very energetic Although they are faithful dogs which Can be sociable with adults and children [Music]

Samoid their origin lies with the Simoidik peoples of siberia the samoid Has spectacular long white fur which is Also a double layered coat The outer is thicker and rougher but Combined they are very soft and fluffy They have erect triangular ears and Small dark eyes which make them look Very cute They are very sociable and creep Affection from those around them and They are beautiful and tender companions For many families Beagle this is a breed of english origin And is known for their long drooping Ears Short limbs and tri-color coat usually Combining white black and brown The beagle is a friendly obedient active And independent dog For this reason it’s important to Educate them properly give them exercise And allow them their space when they Need it Bassapond this breed appeared in france And is known for their large drooping Ears Elongated body and short limbs giving Them their short stature They are happy and playful making them An ideal family dog Their hunting instincts make them a very Active dog so they can demand a lot of Attention and affection

Did you know that this breed is Sometimes confused with the beagle Discover their differences in the video That we share here [Music] Boxer the boxer first appeared in munich Germany as a result of the cross between Bulldog and boolean by surprise They are strong and muscular usually Presenting with various colour Combinations on their soft Short coat the boxer stands out for Their nobility sympathy Fidelity and protective instinct however They need a lot of attention so it’s Necessary to offer them long walks and Places they can run Border collie this breed is believed to Have appeared somewhere between great Britain and ireland They are characterized as an agile dog With a streamlined physique Their hair is generally short but longer Over the tail back of limbs and ears They can exhibit many different color Patterns but are commonly seen black and White Many specimens have bluish eyes or even Heterochromia meaning they have eyes of Two different colours They are very active and need lots of Training and exercise to remain healthy [Music] Mixed breed dogs although all these dogs

Are adorable We cannot forget about mixed breed dogs In them we can find the cutest dogs due To their diversity both physical and in Terms of personality That’s not the only reason you should Consider them something we explain in This video for 10 reasons to adopt a Mixed breed dog Tell us in the comments what other dogs You think should have been included and We’ll see you next time You

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