10 Most AFFECTIONATE Dog Breeds in the World

We all know that dogs are some of the most loving animals on the planet. Their reputation as ’man’s best friend’ is well founded in experience. While every dog is an individual and there are many factors which will influence their personality, there are some breeds which are known to be particularly loving and affectionate in general. These breeds can be found in this AnimalWised list of ’10 Most AFFECTIONATE Dog Breeds in the World’. Here we show you not only the most loving dogs, but also provide some information on what type of temperament they offer alongside lots of love and affection. Keep watching to see why these dogs are as loving as they are lovable.

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[Music] Dogs are loving by nature there are few More tender feelings on having a Faithful dog by your side nestling in For caresses and attention while every Dog is an individual there are some dog Breeds which are seem to be more Affectionate than others and they can be Found in this animal wised list of the Most affectionate dog breeds in the World The Golden Retriever is not just a Beautiful looking canine but is Undoubtedly one of the most affectionate Dogs in their interactions with us their Temper is as sweet as their appearance Being relaxed and can and always ready To show their eternal love not only one Of the most affectionate dogs Labrador Retriever is the ideal family pet for Kids and adults alike with positive Reinforcement they are also very Receptive to training and education once They get to know you the English bulldog Is in love they won’t be afraid to show It either showering you with affection When they get the chance they are Another dog ideal for any type of family Since their pace of life is Comparatively slow they are excellent With other pets and although they do Need exercise they don’t need as much as Some other breeds not only an elegant Popular and active dog Dalmatians are

Also very affectionate and love being Surrounded by the people who love them They were used for centuries as a status Symbol among royalty and annoyed great For athletes and active people if he are Someone who enjoys educating a dog and Teaching them new commands the – rune Might be a good challenge for you they Can be stubborn and will need lots of Positive reinforcement to get anywhere However they are still very affectionate And they love to follow you wherever They go despite being of considerable Size the German Shepherd is a very Popular dog for their loyalty obedience And response to training when well Educated they are a dog capable of Offering unconditional love as well as Been very protective of their adopted Human family pugs are enthusiastic dogs Often slobbering you in their affection They are also faithful and friendly Willing to follow you to the ends of the Earth Or until they get tired They love to receive affection whether Being tickled around the ears or having Their belly scratch their social nature And amusing habits and dear them to People everywhere the Yorkie is not one Of the most popular dog breeds by chance A cheerful and dynamic animal they are Suitable for a variety of family types It’s important to educate them well so

They don’t become a proficient Barker Otherwise we can enjoy a very loving if Somewhat capricious dog as they could be Somewhat Restless the boxer might Surprise some by being on our list but Those who have them in their family know Boxers are one of the most loving dog Breeds in the world if you adopt a boxer Into your family know they can be an Eternal puppy always ready to play and Lick your face enthusiastically in any Shelter or kennel you will find a large Number of abandoned animals waiting to Sleep in a warm bed with equally loving Humans there are mixed breed dogs many With indeterminable heritage who are as Loving and affectionate a dog as you are Likely to find anywhere much more Important is how we treat them and allow Them to reciprocate their boundless love Has this video been useful what breathes Do you think we should have included Drop us a comment with your suggestions Give us a like if you enjoyed the video And subscribe for more to come we’ll see You next time You [Music]

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