10 Myths About Pit Bulls – And the FACTS to Disprove Them

The Pit Bull is one of the most divisive dog breeds in the world. While they are adored by dog guardians who see their loving nature and massive personalities, mistruths and lies have been spread to the point they are completely vilified by others. This is why AnimalWised brings you this video on ’10 Myths About Pit Bulls – And the FACTS to Disprove Them’. It would be irresponsible to ignore the issues surrounding the various Pit Bull breeds, but the only way these issues can be resolved is with research and science based facts. Those who believe that Pit Bulls are naturally ’bad dogs’ are happy to support their opinion with these nonsense myths which we debunk here. As you will see, the truth hits closer to home. To learn more, we recommend checking out this article:

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Welcome to animal wised in this video We’re going to discuss one of the most Controversial dog breeds the American Pit Bull Terrier to better know this Breed you need to look at the various Claims made against them and work out What is true keep watching to discover These 10 false myths and facts about the American Pit Bull despite the bad press About this breed not all pit bulls are Aggressive or dangerous aggressiveness Of a dog breed is down to many factors And not simply the breed itself Experiences in education play the most Important part this is why it is Imperative the pit bull is socialized And educated correctly the factors Required to achieve a balanced dog and Avoid behavioral problems many people Fear pit bulls because they believe Their jaw locks when they bite a study Conducted by researchers at the University of Georgia has shown there to Be no scientific basis to support this Belief a pit bull is a strong dog but It’s bite functions the same way as any Other dog breed it’s very difficult to Measure the pressure exerted by the bite Of an animal there are those that say a Pit bulls bite exceeds 1,600 pounds per Square inch but there is no scientific Trial which proves this to be true the National Geographic has made several Studies into the area and according to

The results they obtained the pressure Of adults bite would not exceed 320 Pounds per square inch regardless the Pit bulls bite inhibition is something Which needs to be taught to them when They are a puppy so they learn how to Interact properly with humans and other Animals It’s believed by some that a pitbulls Brain grows larger than necessary and Exerts pressure on their skull which Causes them to be aggressive this myth Originated with the Doberman and has Been spread to other breeds also it is Completely false if a dog’s brain grew Bigger than their skull they would die Many people believe the pitbull to be an Unpredictable and unstable dog attacking Both strangers and family Indiscriminately thanks to tests carried Out by the American Temperance Society It has shown the pitbull has a stable Character comparable to other dog breeds Almost all the false myths about this Dog breed has to do with aggressiveness Due to the history as a fighting dog Many think that the aggressiveness Developed by practitioners of this cruel Practice via the training they have Given has left a predisposition to Violence in their genetic code the breed Was chosen to fight because it could Maintain a friendly relationship with People but be aggressive with animals

Such as other hunting dogs or Terriers But as we have said any aggression in a Particular dog will depend on the Education they receive it is not a Characteristic of the breed there are Many examples of how beautiful and Affectionate well socialized pitbulls Can be If they attack animals they will attack People false the pitbull terror as a Hunting dog can distinguish between Different animals including humans if They have shown aggression towards a Specific species they will not Necessarily attack others nor does it Mean the dog will be aggressive to Everyone many people have the mistaken Belief that pitbulls are born to fight Because they don’t feel pinned the Pitbull experiences physical and Psychological pain when under intense Physical duress just like any other Animal However pain responses may be delayed When they are in survival mode as they Need to escape danger immediately pit Bulls as with many dogs can sustain a Lot of pain thanks to adrenaline Released in the moment all pit bulls Attack other dogs this is not true we Cannot generalize a whole breed According to one kiss we need to Understand and analyze each dog as an Individual they are very sociable

Animals but some can have difficulty Relating to others for example by Instinct dominance or lack of Socialization an individual may attack Another dog but this doesn’t mean they All will pit bulls which have been bred For fighting or which have been Perley Educated will need to undergo a Complicated re-education and Rehabilitation process although it is True that not all of them can be Completely rehabilitated many of them Have undergone success stories it Happens only when a specific plan is Followed and the individual specific Needs are met it is essential for a Specialist to carry out this process Have you heard any of these myths before Are there any you would like to add if So please share them with us in the Comments below like if you enjoyed the Video and don’t forget to subscribe for More videos to come we’ll see you next Time

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