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Welcome to this new video from AnimalWised. If you know our channel, you know we favor responsible dog care and adoption, which is why we bring you this video on 10 reasons for adopting mixed breed dogs. We show you why you will be helping the mixed breed dog, the dog population as a whole and yourself at the same time.


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Adopting a mixed breed or mongrel dog is A unique experience and it is a practice We as animal lovers need to encourage Whenever possible of course these dogs May have suffered from trauma or lack of Education which can affect the amount of Time they need to adapt something you Need to keep in mind if you’re Considering adopting a dog from a Shelter or have discovered a stray keep Watching our video from the top ten Reasons to adopt a mixed breed dog [Music] [Applause] [Music] You will have a unique dog mix breed Dogs have not been selected to show Specific physical characteristics as With the breeding of purebred dogs which Follow a rigorous standard therefore if You adopt a mongrel you will have a Unique and one-of-a-kind dog you can Avoid euthanasia allow some kennels and Shelters are adopting a no-kill policy Overcrowding and an overpopulation of Dogs in the streets means many will end Up having to euthanize dogs elderly dogs Those which stay for a long time or Those with health problems are Particularly at risk you open a place For another dog to be adopted by Adopting a dog in a shelter or kennel You avoid the center to accept a new Homeless animal this may eventually lead

To another adoption when you adopt Instead of one life he may save – you Changed this dog’s world saving an Animal will not change the world but it Will change the world for them this Aphorism could perfectly summarize this Point that by adopting a mixed breed dog We offer the possibility of living in a Dignified way the potential for love and A life which brings joy to an animal in Need you receive a grateful partner most Homeless dogs at one point belong to a Family so they feel abandoned both Physically and mentally the emotional Bond we will create with them will Become so strong that the dog responds With the kindness and affection released By its gratitude of course we need to Remember it it’s not easy to restore the Confidence of a once abandoned dog Providing reassurance being patient and Treating them with dignity will be Essential in establishing trust your dog Will probably be healthier and longer Lived the vast majority of single breed Dogs are prone to various genetic Diseases this is due to selective Breeding or inbreeding along with Various other factors the life Expectancy of mixed breed dogs is Generally greater than that of purebred Or pedigree dogs they also tend to enjoy A better state of health You will not promote the sale of animals

Although it’s true that there are legal Breeders who are professional and Responsible the truth is that there are Many unscrupulous breeders who do not Even feel any kind of affection for Animals it is not uncommon to find Illegal breeders three house dogs in Unsanitary conditions or who sell Puppies prematurely severely affecting a Puppy’s ability to develop By adopting a dog we avoid supporting Illegal and detrimental breeding Practices which caused suffering across The world and setback animal welfare for Future generations You can choose according to the level of Activity or character in this case we Are talking about adopting an adult dog Not a puppy when we adopt from a shelter We were able to choose a companion based On their own personality and not what we Might expect you to breed alone Suitability for our lifestyle and Personality is important in making an Adoption a success they will never leave You A grateful dog rescued from a lonely Existence will never leave your side for This reason if you take care of them as They deserve your future dog will never Abandon you mixed breed dog to make the Best long-term companions you will be Much happier no one can deny dogs are Man’s best friend by adopting a mixed

Breed dog you will discover our new World of loyalty love company and true Affection what did you think of this List would you adopt a mixed breed dog Is there anything you would like to add If so leave us a comment and share your Thoughts like if you find the video Useful and subscribe for more to come We’ll see you next time [Music]

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