10 SIGNS Your CAT Is About to DIEπŸ±πŸ’” How to Know if a Cat Is Dying

🐈 Our cat goes through many changes during a lifetime, but when they are gravely ill and about to die, there are certain specific symptoms which point out they are in trouble. AnimalWised shares the 10 SIGNS Your CAT Is About to DIE. We find out how to know a cat is dying so we can be in the best position to take them to a veterinarian and carry out treatment, if possible. If not, we can best assure a dignified end to our beloved feline.


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While some deaths may be preventable When the problem is treated in time Animal wise shares the 10 symptoms that Imply your cat is dying or will die if We don't go to the vet [Music] Their personality changes although cats Will develop their personality over time And becoming old will mean they change Significantly a sudden onset of Personality change such as becoming Irritable depressed or even aggressive Could mean something serious is wrong Lose their hygienic habits if your cat Stops grooming themselves it will be for A specific reason cats are very hygienic Animals who keep their coat clean but Also Mark with their claws and rub Against objects once trained they should Use the litter box so changes to their Hygiene habits are a clear sign Something is wrong potentially a Life-threatening disease their vital Signs are altered it's common to observe Abnormal heart rhythm excessive changes In blood pressure breathing difficulties Or even pillness in the mucous membranes In the event of any alteration in their Vital Signs we must go to a vet Immediately as it implies their life is Compromised Changes in body temperature the ideal Body temperature for a cat is between 38 To 39 degrees Celsius or 100.4 to 102.2

Degrees Fahrenheit any lower temperature Warns us our cat may not be as healthy As we think if we feel our cat might be Slightly too cold get close to the nose And check if it is cool to the touch Repeat the process with their paw pads Stop eating and lose weight the Appearance of diarrhea seizures vomiting Blood in the urine or observing our Companion stops eating or drinking Liquids are some of the signs a cat does Before dying it is true that an older Cat doesn't eat as much as a kitten but If our feline suddenly stops eating as Before their body will show the lack of Nutrients and calories this means we can See their ribs lumbar vertebrae and Their pelvis are much more marked They want to be alone an animal that is Close to death is vulnerable it's not Surprising that many dying cats seek an Isolated place to die although this is a Subjective behavior and depends on Various individual factors and the Nature of their death Rest excessively we know that adult cats Spend between 15 and 16 hours a day Sleeping or about 75 of the total day if You notice your cat sleeps more hours Than we indicate here they have no Energy they do not play or seek company They probably have a health problem find Out how many ours kittens adult and Elderly cats sleep per day with our info

Video above Bad breath regardless of whether cat Food smells unpleasant a cat's breath Will not smell the same as a human's Despite this if your cat suffers from a Disease it's possible their breath will Have a pungent file odor You find a lump diseases that cause Uncontrolled division of cells in Different parts of the body lead to Cancer something which affects one in Five felines there are different types Of cancer in cats but some of them form Lumps or tumors They are aggressive this mainly depends On the character and personality of the Cat the pain can reach such a level it Causes disorientation meaning they don't Fully recognize us and think we are Going to hurt them we share more about Aggression in cats with the video we Share on the card above in the face of Any of these signs it's best to contact A vet immediately since they are the Only ones capable of diagnosing what is Happening to your beloved feline the Death of a loved one is always painful Even if it is an animal something that Many people don't understand don't feel Guilty if you need to grieve or contact A specialist If you want to continue learning about Diseases and health problems in cats Don't miss the playlist We Share here

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