10 SIGNS Your CAT LOVES You 🐱❤️ #Shorts

🐈 Do you want to know if your cat loves you? In this AnimalWised #shorts video, we explain the 10 signs your cat loves you. Find out how cats show affection and how to tell if your cat loves you!

10 signs your cat loves you just as they Did with their mother when they were Happy kittens They raised their tail when they Approach you this behavior is common in Groups of cats when they feel Comfortable and calm They purr whether calm and soft or deep And intense purring shows they love you They bring you a present if they bring You a dead animal it means they consider You part of the family They rub up on you if they rub their Face or side on you it is a clear sign Of love and appreciation They nibble you just as when they play With other cat companions They expose their belly your cat lying On their back means they trust you They blink slowly this means the love And affection you provide makes them Feel safe and calm they sleep beside you This means they fully trust you they Lick you they not only love you but they Feel the need to take care of you see You next time

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