10 SIGNS Your CAT LOVES you 🐱❤️

😻 Do you wonder if your cat loves you? Not sure of his affection for you? Do you want to make sure that you are his favorite person? In this new AnimalWised video we show you 10 signs that your cat loves you. Discover the ways your cat says ”I love you”, because deciphering feline love is not always easy!


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Cats express their feelings in different Ways to humans in fact it’s a mistake to Expect cats to show their feelings as we Do them Since their body language is not always Clear if you want to know whether your Cat loves you animal wise provides 10 Clear signs this is the case [Music] Needs you kittens need their mother’s Mammary glands to both stimulate milk Production and enhance their bond When your cat needs a part of you such As your tummy or leg they are showing Love It’s the language they learn to use with Their mother and we hold a similar place For them in their minds Approaches you and raises tail A cat’s tail is an indicator of their Emotional state when they are nervous or Scared their tail tends to bristle and Puff up Conversely when they are feeling Affectionate they will approach you and Flick the tip of their tail from side to Side this is a common behaviour in Groups of cats Purrs Cats emit different sounds depending on Their mood if your cat softly purrs when On your lap or does so intensely when Near you they are undoubtedly showing You they love you it is evidence they

Are comfortable and feel safe In the corner we share a video in which We explain more about why cats pair Brings you a present Another sign a cat loves you is when They bring dead animals as gifts this Behavior is a consequence of their Predatory nature and it should not be Repressed they consider us a part of Their family and they want to share Their prize with you it mimics the Behavior of mother cats bringing food to Their kittens Rubs against you when your cat rubs Their face or head against you it’s a Symbol of love and deep appreciation These parts of their body have a Concentrated number of glands which Secrete pheromones These are hormones which are used to Mark their territory and possessions What your cat is trying to tell you is That they not only love you but they Think of you as family Nibbles you If your cat nibbles your hands or feet They are playing with you as they would Other cat companions They are demonstrating the fact they Don’t consider you someone hostile but a Person they can love and trust and who Provides peace of mind and companionship In return Exposes their belly

When cats roll over and show you their Belly they are not only showing you a Sign of love but they are conveying deep Trust The belly is a vulnerable area for cats So exposing it to someone means they are Confident this person will not cause Them any harm Blinks slowly Cats will stare at us for different Reasons but when they do so and blink Slowly it’s an incontrovertible sign They love us they are feeling safe and Calm They want to show affection because they Know you won’t hurt them and they want To be appreciative Discover other reasons why your cat Stares at you in the video we share Above Sleeps beside you Cats also show their love when they are Unconscious similar to exposing their Belly the act of sleeping beside a Guardian shows they are willing to be Vulnerable there are few more vulnerable States for a cat than being in a deep Sleep if they sleep beside you they love And trust you Grooms you Cats are known for their self-care but They will also lick and groom the other Members of their family If a cat licks your hair skin or any

Body part they show a desire to take Care of the one they love Check out this playlist to better Understand more about cat behaviors and What they mean How does your cat show you they love you Share any we missed out by leaving a Comment and we’ll see you next time

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