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If you like cats with spots, you are in the right place. In this AnimalWised video, we bring you our TOP 10 spotted cat breeds. We explain the names, origin and some of the characteristics of their fur, so you can know these cats are more than just their spots!


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[Music] Certain markings on a cat’s coat are More distinct than others the beauty of Which you can see in this animal-wise Video of our top 10 spotted cat breeds [Music] Bengal Despite their name this breed was Actually developed in the u.s the result Of a cross between an asian leopard Wildcat and a domestic cat the crossing Produced a domestic cat with beautiful Black spots reminiscent of the jaguar if We think of a cat breed which resembles A leopard we’re probably thinking of the Bengal if you want to know more about This cat breed check out the first info Video above Egyptian my This breed of cat from egypt has a very Characteristic appearance and we Highlight its beautiful mottled pattern On a usually bronze or silver coat their Large round eyes also give a curious Concerned expression Osikat This breed was created accidentally in The 1960s when an american breeder Wanted to obtain siamese cats with a Colour pattern similar to that of the Abyssinian To do this he made crosses between these Two breeds until by chance he obtained An offspring with a mottled pattern very

Similar to that of an ocelot providing This new breed its name Savannah This spectacular breed emerged in the 1980s when a domestic cat was crossed With the male serval the hybrid Offspring was given the name savannah Savannah cats are considerably taller Longer and heavier than a typical house Cat Japanese bobtail as their name suggests They are native to japan where they are Considered a symbol of good luck this Feline breed can sport different coat Colours and patterns although the most Characteristic is the calico pattern Made up of reddish and black spots on a White background the japanese bobtail Can have long or short hair and Specimens with heterochromia are common Find out more about heterochromia and Cats in the next info video above [Music] Munchkin This breed of cat stands out for their Short legs the result of a genetic Mutation that causes the bones of their Extremities to be smaller than usual Their fur can be short or long and come In many shapes and patterns including Tabby and dappled this is why we can Find them with spots which look like Leopards or stripes like tigers Tri-colour specimens with orange black

And white spots are common in this breed [Music] Berman There are several white cats with brown Spots that exist the berman being one of The most popular also called the sacred Cat of burma they have a beautiful Semi-long coat that is usually very Light in colour on almost all of its Body with the exception of the face ears And the distal area of the legs and tail Where there are darker coloured spots Their forepaws are white given the Impression that they are wearing socks Siamese The elegant siamese cat has a very Recognizable appearance their slim and Elongated figure stands out as does Their almond-shaped eyes and their Characteristic black spots on the face Tail and the distal end of the four Limbs these are darker spots compared to The rest of their cream-colored fur [Music] Balinese the balinese cat is closely Related to the siamese as the breed Emerged from the selective breeding of Siamese cats which had longer than usual Fur The balinese cat standard accepts a Large number of colours including blue Chocolate cream or red as well as some Patterns that include dark spots on the Face ears legs and tail

Ragdoll This breed with semi-long hair has a Very characteristic gray or black spot Around the eyes which are usually very Light blue in colour they often have Areas of darker fur on the tail or back While the rest of their coat is cream or White although sometimes they can also Have coloured spots similar to those on Their face [Music] If you want to keep getting to know Other cat breeds don’t miss the playlist We share here does your cat have spots On their fur tell us about them in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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