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If you like dogs with spots you are in the right place. In this video from AnimalWised, we bring you pur list of the TOP 10 SPOTTED DOGS. We explain their names, origin, character and some of the characteristics of their fur. Don’t miss out!


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There are around 400 different breeds Recognized by dog breed standard Organizations All with detailed descriptions some have Pattern coats Some do not in this animal-wise video we Bring you the top 10 spotted dog breeds Which are all officially recognized [Music] Pyrenean mastiff this giant dog Originates in the aragonese pyrenees Where they were used as a guard dog for Flocks of sheep the pyrenean mastiff Performs with great agility in various Activities Thanks to their muscular yet compact Body their long and thick coat is ideal To protect them from the cold White predominance on said coat but they Will have black or beige spots on their Flanks Face spine or base of tail Britney spaniel a medium-sized dog the Britney spaniel originates from knobs in France They have a sturdy and well proportioned Body with a round head and rectangular Dripping ears The breed’s coat is straight and short Usually with a white base and black Chestnut or tan spots find out more About the britney spaniel in this video Bracco italiano one of the largest Italian dog breeds

These animals have been popular for Centuries due to their hunting skills And even temperament The bracco italiano has slim muscular Legs perfect for chasing prey Their short dense coat can be white with Brown chestnut or orange spots Some specimens even have a mottled coat Ratanaro bodaguero andaluz also known as The andalusian wine cellar rat hunting Dog They are a breed native to jerez and Cadiz it is medium and slender with a Thin tail Their coat is short and usually white With black or brown spots on the neck or Head Also some of these dogs have small spots All over their bodies Dalmatian perhaps the most Quintessential of all spotted dog breeds The dalmatian originates in croatia And is possibly most famous from Disney’s 101 dalmatian movies The dalmatian is an active loving and Sociable breed which loves to exercise Their coat is short and smooth and Normally white with black spots all over The body Although you can also find dalmatians With brown spots If you want to know more about Dalmatians take a look at the video that We share here

Jack russell terrier originally from the United kingdom They are a small breed with an elongated Body and short legs They stand out for their great energy And for being a dog that loves games and Outdoor activities The coat of this dog is short and smooth It’s usually white with black or reddish Spots on the flanks and head English setter this breed is native to England and stands out for their curious Appearance The english center has a compact and Proportionate body strong legs and a Slightly curved tail Their coat is semi-long over almost Their entire body While on the tail the chest and the Abdomen it grows until almost reaching The ground The colour of their coat is white with Black or reddish spots German shorthaired pointer this breed is Large and muscular Their head is elongated and ears are Drooping the german short head pointer Is an active and very curious dog Their hair is short and can appear in Various shades A common combination is white with black Or brown specks on the chest and legs They also have some larger spots on the Flanks find out more about this breed of

Dog in the video we share here English pointer this is a medium breed Originating from great britain as you Might be able to tell from their name They are a slender dog with a curious And intelligent personality The coat of the english pointer is Smooth and very short the most frequent Combination is white with brown reddish Or liver spots Distributed over the head and flanks in Addition they have some mottled areas on The legs English greyhound this large breed also Originating from great britain Is characterized by a sleek body Accompanied by long and thin Legs the greyhounds coat is short and May vary in colour However the most common combination is White with spots in various shades In addition to some mottled areas if you Want to continue Discovering more dog breeds take a look At the video that we share here and in The description In which we show you 10 grey dog breeds Tell us which is your favorite in this Top 10 does your dog have spots on their Coat Let us know in the comments and we’ll See you next time

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