10 STRANGE CAT BEHAVIORS 🐱 Does Your Cat Do Them?

🧍🐈 Does your cat behave strangely and you don’t know why? In this AnimalWised video we reveal 10 strange behaviors of cats and the completely natural reasons they do them. Find out if your feline’s behavior is normal or if it is trying to tell you something without you knowing.


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[Music] We often have a hard time understanding The logic of our cat’s behaviors They do strange things that seem Downright silly to us However understanding feline behavior is Vital for maintaining their well-being Since they might just be trying to tell You something no more with our Animal-wise top 10 strange cat behaviors [Music] Rubbing against your legs one of the Reasons cats do this Is because they are happy to see you Another is that they are marking you as Theirs When they rub against you cats are Recognizing you as part of their social Group And initiating you into the gang Sleeping in the sink The sink is a small space almost made to Fit most cats Some associated with a burrow of some Kind which will help keep them safe In the summer it is also a cool respite From the heat when the weather is warm The cool ceramic of a shaded bathroom Sink can be the ideal place to chill out For a while Sudden manic episodes if your cat starts Running and jumping around the house for No apparent reason They may have a lot of pent up energy

And boredom they need to release This is why it is so important you offer Your feline sufficient environmental Enrichment such as toys To let out this energy in a healthy way Discover a cheap and easy way to improve Environmental enrichment for your cat in The video that we share here A sudden mania may also be due to an Infestation of parasites Since many external parasites bite the Animal’s skin to feed Itching ensues and the cat may be Jumping around to relieve the Frustration it causes Another possible cause is something Known as hyperaesthesia Which is a heightening of the senses and Can cause paroxysmal outbursts Fighting textiles some cats enjoy biting And sucking on clothing or blankets Especially those made out of wool this Is usually common in felines that have Been weaned prematurely And can become a compulsive behavior it Can also happen as a consequence of pica Syndrome Where the cat bites or ingest objects That are not edible such as cloth Plastic or metal on the other hand some Kittens may only manifest this behavior In stressful situations Licking your hair the reason for this Behavior is one you will like

Cats only grooms family so if they lick Your hair It’s because they consider you a Reference figure or part of their family Group Biting or chewing plants although cats Are carnivores they have the need to eat Plant-based foods on some occasions Because of this they may try to nibble Plants at home however we must be aware That there are some toxic plants for Cats So it’s important to know what they are To avoid discover 10 toxic plants for Cats in the video That we share here scratching near their Litter box Cats are very picky about cleaning their Liver box and also with the materials Used as substrate For this reason if they scratch near Their litter box instead of inside it They may have an issue Biting themselves if you notice that Your cat bites any part of their body Repeatedly You should be on alert this behavior can Be a sign that they have external Parasites or that they are stressed In either case don’t forget to see your Veterinarian Dragging their rare although it may seem Amusing the truth is that butt dragging Is a symptom that something is not going

Well It may be stool is stuck to their fur They have intestinal parasites Or they have an inflammation of the anal Glands in these last two cases a visit To the vet is mandatory Drinking from the town plastic drinking Bowls are often bought for cats But the truth is that this material can Change the taste of the water And that is why they prefer to drink From the tank also if you forget to Change the water daily Your feline may refuse to drink the Water from their bowl if it is thick On the other hand many cats simply enjoy The water falling from the tap as it Gives them the feeling that it is Fresher If this is the case with your cat and You want them to stop drinking at the Sink We recommend you buy a drinking fighter Tell us in the comments any other Curious behaviors you’ve noticed in your Feline And we’ll see you next time

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