10 TABBY CAT BREEDS 🐯 Cats with Striped Coats

🐾🐈 Do you like cats that have tabby spots and stripes? In this AnimalWised video we introduce you to 10 breeds of tabby cat. Their fur helps them camouflage in the wild, but it is important to know they are not a single breed, so discover the many cat breeds which can have tabby coats in this video.


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[Music] While many think of a tabby cat being a Breed in and of itself Tabby actually refers to a type of coat Pattern many cat breeds possess Not only is it beautiful but it helps Them stay safe via camouflage Something akin to their big cat tiger Relatives in this video Animal wise brings you 10 of the best Tabbies [Music] American bobtail one of the best known Tabby cat breeds are first is marked in Particular for their small tale They can have medium to short hair with Various code patterns However tabby patterns and other wild Color combinations Appear to be the most preferred Toiger the breed of cat with a coat most Similar to the tiger is the aptly named Tiger This cat has coat patterns almost Identical to those of the largest cats In the world This is due to careful selection by Californian breeders of the late 20th Century The foundation breeds of this cat Include the bengal and even domestic Mixed breed cats with tabby markings [Music] Pixie bob this cat was developed in the

U.s during the 1980s They are a medium-sized feline with a Shortened tail but they can have either Long or short hair They have brown tones but are covered by Small dark spots as part of the tabby Markings They have white bellies and may even Display black ear tufts Similar to the wildlings [Music] European the best known breed of tabby Cat is the european They can have many patterns and colors But tabby is the most common Unlike other breeds of tabby cat the European’s wild appearance is a result Of spontaneous breeding Not selection our video here on Long-haired cats shows pattern is not The only way to distinguish between Breeds Banks this breed arose as a result of The arrival of the european cat to the Isle of man On this island a mutation appeared that Made them lose their tail Becoming a very popular cat like their Ancestors They can be of different colours and Have varied patterns however Tabby is the most common ossa cat Although it is a type of tabby pattern The aussie cat’s coat looks much like a

Leopard Although it started out accidentally the First breeders wanted to find one with a Wild appearance Starting with an abyssinian and a Siamese the american breeder virginia Daly Continued to cross individuals until a Cat with dark spots on a light-haired Coat was obtained [Music] Sukuki this is a feline native to the Arab buku sukuke national park in kenya Although deriving from domestic cats Their populations have adapted to wild Living where they acquired unique coat Patterns The sukuki features a black marble tabby Pattern on a light background Affording them better camouflage in the Wild jungle [Music] Bengal this is a hybrid between the Domestic cat and the leopard cat A type of wild feline from southeast Asia their appearance is very similar to That of their wild relative With brown spots surrounded by black Lines on a lighter background If you want to know more about the Bengal cat don’t miss the video We share here american shorthair The american shorthair cat is native to North america

Although it comes from european cats That traveled with the first settlers These felines can have very diverse Patterns but more than 70 percent are Tabby The most common pattern is marbled with Varied colors such as brown Black blue silver cream or red Egyptian mao although there are still Doubts about their origin It’s believed this breed comes from the Same cats first revered in ancient egypt This feline arrived in europe and the United states in the middle of the last Century But they left everyone amazed by their Pattern of stripes and dark spots On a grey bronze or silver background If you want to continue knowing about Other cat breeds take a look at the Playlist that we share here Do you have a tabby cat share your story With us and we’ll see you next time

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