10 THINGS That STRESS OUT Your DOG You Didn’t Know 🐶 #Shorts

🐕 There are many things that can cause your dog stress, many of which you probably didn’t know. This AnimalWised #shorts video provides 10 THINGS That STRESS OUT Your DOG, You Didn’t Know aboutso you can identify them and keep your dog happy.

[Music] 10 things that stress out your dog Sudden changes or lack of routine dogs Need fixed habits and schedules Not resting properly they need regular Sleeping schedules and a comfortable bed The arrival of a new family member such As the birth of a baby or adopting a new Pet lack of socialization dogs need to Have social contact to be happy excess Or lack of exercise they need to release Enough energy without over exercising Spending many hours alone at home Violence shouting and Punishment this Can cause fear and Trauma in the dog bad Education or lack of stimulation Education and cognitive stimulation Reduce boredom being tied up for ours They feel trapped and insecure Light sounds since their hearing is much More developed than ours [Music]

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