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We all know getting to know the Personality of your cat is a rewarding Process but do you ever think what they Know about you Find out with animal wise [Music] They recognize you as part of their Group Cats recognize our role in the home and Understand that we take care of their Well-being this makes them feel Protected and safe so they want to Continue sharing their lives with us However cats will not treat us as a Special being completely different from Themselves instead they see you as part Of their social group although we don’t Belong to the same species we can be Assured a cat with which we share a Strong bond sees us as one of their own They know you love them Cats know we love them when we care About their well-being when we respect Their space and adaptation times when we Spend quality time with them and when we Offer safety and protection if you Comply with all these your cat knows you Love them They know if you’re sick Some studies show that a cat’s highly Developed sense of smell means they are Able to detect chemical and Physiological changes in our body with Some ease in other words your feline is

Capable of perceiving the abnormal Secretion of certain chemical substances That your body produces when it’s sick Therefore one of the things your cat Knows about you is if your health is in A state of imbalance Discover other things that cats perceive In the first info video we share They notice your mood swings even when You can’t explain your emotions in words Your body adopts postures and carries Out movements or actions that belie Emotional changes for most humans these Details may be imperceptible but they Won’t go unnoticed by the powerful Senses of your cat by interpreting your Body language your feline can easily Sense if you’re angry anxious nervous or Afraid for any reason They know what you eat Do you wonder why cats bring dead Animals to their guardians according to Some hypotheses it could be a way of Showing appreciation and care towards Their tutor however there is another Very interesting theory which states Cats do this because they perceive we Are not good hunters therefore your Kitty could give you their prey to show You how to survive in the world Find out more strange things cats do in The next info video They can sense pregnancy the developed Sense of smell of cats allows them to

Identify chemical changes in our body When a female body undergoes various Hormonal and physiological changes During pregnancy the feline may be Curious about these new odors in its Environment similarly cats are able to Detect menstruation in women due to Hormonal changes They sleep on your chest because they Know it’s a safe place By lying on your chest your cat can feel Your body heat and the beating of your Heart this transmits a feeling of Welcome and well-being it’s estimated That cats do this not only to seek Warmth but also to enjoy connecting with Their guardians and feeling protected When they are asleep a time when they Are most vulnerable They know how you will react in certain Situations cats are extremely Intelligent and observant they tend to Analyze our daily behavior in the home And perceive how we react to their Actions and sounds for example if they Notice that you give them love when they Purr and you offer a treat or give them A relaxing massage they may perform this Action as many times as they want to Achieve their rewards They know you are coming home and where You’ve been Thanks to their developed senses of Smell and hearing can’t detect when we

Are coming home even if we are still far From the door they recognize our scent From meters away likewise they Internalize our schedules because it’s Important to their routine if we always Leave and come back at the same time It’s common for our cat to be waiting to Receive us when we return They know you’re going to take them to The vet Cats are very intelligent animals which Need routine they detect each of our Behaviors and habits also since they Perceive our state of mind and emotions They not only know perfectly well when We’re about to go out but whether we Will take them with us when it’s time to Visit the veterinary clinic our cat Knows it because we take the carrier or We may be a little more nervous than Usual so they may try to hide If you want to continue learning other Curiosities about cats don’t miss the Playlist we share here share any of your Favorite cat facts by leaving us a Comment and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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