10 Tips to Help Your Cat DRINK WATER 😿

Has your cat stopped drinking water? 👇 It is important to differentiate from a cat which does not need to drink much water and those which have stopped for any reason. In this AnimalWised video, we explain how to keep your cat properly hydrated with these 10 tips to help your cat DRINK WATER. We will also provide some background on how much water a cat should drink every day and what causes might lead them to stop drinking water in the first place. We will help explain the symptoms of dehydration in cats and show you what you can do to stimulate their drinking habits. Before we do, we need to stress that dehydration in cats indicates a medical emergency. If you see your cat has stopped drinking water and is displaying the symptoms of dehydration, take them to the vet immediately. If you want to know some more background information, you can check out:

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Welcome to this new video from animal Wise today we’re going to discuss cats And their need for drinking water we’re Going to let you know how much water a Catch you drink every day why they might Stop drinking and provide 10 tricks to Help them start again this is important For anyone who shares their life with a Cat [Music] Water intake may vary depending on the Cat’s size diet age and even time of Year felines which consume only dry food May require more water than those which Eat wet food on a regular basis Kittens and elderly cats will need more Water than others and all cats may need To drink more when the weather gets Warmer In general a healthy cat of around 5 Kilograms or 11 pounds should consume Around 250 ml of water per day in normal Conditions if we see that our cat is not Drinking water we need to also look out For other symptoms of dehydration This will be shown in a lack of skin Elasticity a dulled coat flakes of dead Skin in their fur a lack of urination And apathy If you see these symptoms it’s time to Worry excessive intake known as Polydipsia is also a warning sign Consult a veterinarian in either case There are many reasons why a cat might

Stop drinking water some of the most Common being a lack of hygiene Behavioral problems from changes in Their routine or the appearance of Certain pathologies such as feline lower Urinary tract disease a general term for Various problems with urinary tract This is fairly common in domestic cats The plastic taste which water requires In low quality containers can cause your Cat to stop drinking water Stainless steel or glass dishes are Recommended Cats love fresh water so don’t forget to Replace their water at least once a day Will also be essential to clean their Bowl at least once a week Did you know that a cat’s water needs to Be properly separated from their litter Tray and food it’s important to place Their fresh water somewhere accessible And clean Some cats to test the taste of tap water You might need to provide better quality Water [Music] Many cats will not like their feed to be Soaked in water however some may benefit If their food is enriched with a Flavorful stock don’t overdo it and Ensure the stock doesn’t contain Anything harmful to the cat such as Onions or salt You can distribute several containers

Around the home this not only helps Increase their water intake but will Help stimulate your cat and positively Appeal to their curious nature Cats love fresh water streams as it Reflects their ancestral habitat so Installing a water fountain might help Encourage them to drink more They are ideal for cats which stay Indoors or suffer from high stress Levels [Music] As we explained previously cats that Consume wet foods do not need as much Water as this type of food already Contains a high proportion of water at Around eighty percent you can offer them Half a can or a sachet to help stimulate Their appetite and provide extra Hydration We can help stimulate our cat by plane Near the tap or faucet this can awaken Their curiosity and encourage them to Drink running water can both hydrate the Cat and strengthen our bond [Music] If your cat’s water intake has Drastically increased and does not Improve with these helpful tips we Advise you go to your trusted Veterinarian to ensure you don’t have Any health problems This is our video for today do you have Any other helpful tips you’d like to add

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