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πŸ• A dog can bark for very different reasons in different situations. To prevent your dog from barking excessively, you must have a lot of patience and understanding. In this AnimalWised video we will give you some tips to prevent your dog from barking too much. Pay attention and take note to get your dog to stop barking excessively!


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A dog will bark for different reasons in Different situations to prevent your dog From barking excessively you need to Find out what is causing this nuisance Barking before you can treat it animal Wise explains how it’s done [Music] Reasons for nuisance barking Barking is a natural and important form Of canine communication Nuisance barking is due to various Reasons which indicate a problem with a Dog The most common are stress excessive Loneliness separation anxiety poor Socialization hyperactivity frustration Territoriality Phobias or physical health problems Among others Our first info video shares the reasons Why dogs bark in more detail if we’re Not sure of the cause of our dog’s Barking we should ideally go to a Professional to guide and help us Here are some tips that promote the Well-being of our dog and prevent them From barking These guidelines are commonly used in Dogs with serious stress problems so Their objective is to achieve calmness And more balanced behaviors Relax them promote tranquility and Relaxation of the dog both at home and Outside

Massages petting and tasty treats are Good incentives for them to understand Why you don’t want them to bark Don’t scold them many people often scold A dog when they bark and may even use Physical violence in an attempt to stop This behavior this type of attitude will Only worsen the behavior of the animal Compounding stress and promoting fear Discover the five most common mistakes When scolding a dog in the next info Video we share Remove stress Dogs with serious stress problems will Benefit from activities such as exercise And playing with interactive toys Don’t forget it takes approximately 21 Days for a dog to completely eliminate Accumulated stress from the body You must be very patient and loving to Try to improve their situation stressed Dogs should not be subjected to Punishment direct exposure to their Fears or intensive training Transmit an attitude of tranquility if Your dog barks in the street when they Meet other dogs try not to pull up the Leash as the dog notices the tension Instead continue with the walk as if Nothing had happened our cam and firm Attitude will transmit to the dog Teach them tricks to keep them Entertained we can also try to distract Them with treats when the stimulus that

Causes their barking appears asking them To sit and do tricks while you give Treats is a good way to turn things Round Avoid places that cause stress if we Can’t distract them in very stressful Situations we should leave as soon as Possible when the dog encounters Something that causes fear or serious Insecurity their stress levels increase And this is counterproductive to Treating the problem Walk them at quiet times Try to walk them at quiet times to Prevent stressful situations Once you see improvements you can try to Walk them in places or times with more Activity This point is very important and helps Enormously to encourage the dog’s Peacefulness ideally you should allow Your dog to sniff as much as they want Do not force them to interact Don’t force contact or interaction with Other dogs or people if they don’t want It allow them to do so when they’re Ready forcing a fearful dog to interact Can have very negative repercussions on The animal and even cause aggression and Extreme fears [Music] Practice new activities with them Use tracking games as a relaxation and Fun technique it’s a good way to improve

The well-being of our dog in addition Practicing different activities will Help remove their perceived need to bark [Music] Never force anything following all these Guidelines consistently will Incrementally help your dog to be more Calm You must be constant and keep everything Positive you won’t get anything out of Forcing your dog to do something they Don’t want to do Likewise we should never use choke or Shock collars remember that each dog is An individual and these tips may not Always work the same for them all if Your situation is really serious it’s Advised to go to a specialist If you want to continue learning about Dog behavior don’t miss the playlist we Share here does your dog bark a lot let Us know about it by leaving a comment And we’ll see you next time [Music]

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