11 ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS for Your CAT 🐱 To Avoid Nutritional Deficiencies

🐈 If you want to feed your cat correctly and make sure they enjoy good health, you must make sure they receive the essential amino acids required for the proper functioning of their body. Find out what are the essential amino acids for your cat to feed them correctly and avoid nutritional deficiencies.


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[Music] Improper diet and other factors can lead To nutritional deficiencies in cats Amino acids are some of the most Essential nutrients and you can find out Why with animal-wised [Music] What are the essential amino acids in a Cat as cats are obligate carnivores it’s Very important to choose feed formulated With a high amount of animal protein This better guarantees they obtain all Their essential amino acids if they Don’t consume the amount of protein they Need from their diet they begin to Consume that which is stored in their Body negatively affecting their health Cats synthesize 20 different amino acids Of which only 11 are essential If your cat doesn’t get these essential Amino acids their physiological function Will begin to deteriorate essential Protein synthesis will be impeded and Their health would be compromised in Various ways such as stunting the growth Of kittens We’re going to see these 11 essential Amino acids in cats and how they are Obtained Taurine this fulfills various functions In the body of cats including bile Production acting as an antioxidant Regulating calcium preventing liver Diseases and intervening in the healthy

Function of the heart and eyesight among Others Our cats can obtain it especially Through organs such as the heart lung Liver and kidney as well as the muscles Or the nervous system in addition it’s More abundant in poultry and fish meat Than in lamb or beef Argonine This is important for the synthesis of Urea from ammonia and participates in Its elimination if there is no argonine Ammonia poisoning can occur in our cat Which can be fatal in only a matter of Hours in general cats can get arginine In muscles organs and gelatin Methionine and cysteine both are Important amino acids for the synthesis Of keratin which is the main protein of A cat’s skin nails and hair They are obtained from fish and egg Proteins as well as casein from dairy Products wheat and corn can also be an Important source discover how to add Amino acids to a cat’s diet with our First info video on homemade treats Lysine This is often the amino acid that is Most at risk of becoming deficient if a Cat’s food is not formulated correctly It affects the formation of proteins and Helps your cat’s natural immunity lysine Is usually obtained from animal sources Especially muscle soy proteins are also

A good source of this essential amino Acid Phenylalanine and tyrosine Phenylalanine is essential for the Production of thyroid hormones coke Cutter and iris pigmentation tyrosine is Involved in the formation of hormones Necessary for proper brain function and Reproductive activity Phenylalanine can be found in most Protein sources including poultry pork Beef and fish rice contains good amounts Of tyrosine Leucine isoleucine and valine These are branched chain amino acids That are involved in protein synthesis And in delaying its degradation in the Muscles furthermore isoleucine is Essential in the formation of hemoglobin And is involved in blood coagulation All three are typically obtained from Beef lamb poultry and eggs Histidine In addition to protein formation it’s Involved in the synthesis of compounds Such as histamine which is a substance Involved in allergic responses it’s Obtained in the flesh and blood of Animals and fish Threonine this helps in the production Of energy in the cells of your cat and In the metabolism of fats it can be Found in poultry lamb pork beef and fish Tryptophan it acts in the regulation of

Anxiety sleep and stress the main Sources of tryptophan for cats are Poultry meat fish and eggs learn more About general feline nutrition in the Next info video [Music] Tips to feed your cat correctly In order for your cat to obtain these Essential amino acids we recommend you Follow these tips when feeding them to Start provide a complete feed formulated For the species never feed them dog food For example Don’t force them to follow a vegetarian Or high carbohydrate low protein diet You can sometimes give them meat Directly but avoid raw meat because it Can transmit disease Finally you can supplement their diet With cat milk which usually contains Essential amino acids such as taurine If you want to continue learning about Feline nutrition don’t miss the playlist We share here Tell us did you know the essential amino Acids for cats let us know in the Comments and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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