πŸ• AnimalWised shares the 12 THINGS DOGS LOVE THE MOST so you can ensure you provide all of them for your beloved canine. These include some of the things dogs love which are not as obvious as you might think!


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[Music] You might think dogs only live for food And ear scritches but animal wise Provides the 12 things dogs love the Most to ensure you provide them for your Pooch [Music] Receiving your attention dogs are highly Sociable animals with a wide range of Emotions the reason they love being Around people and receiving attention it Is in their nature to feel loved valued And to receive regular attention from You Diet Do you things have as much an impact on Their health so it's essential that you Offer your dog a complete quality feed That they enjoy you should also use Tasty treats during training provide a Mix of dry and wet feed and even provide A homemade meal from time to time to Show your dog how much you love them Getting new toys a new toy now and then Will make your dog tremendously happy And help keep their mind stimulated we Recommend you choose intelligence or Food vending toys but it's most Important to spend time playing with the Dog yourself discover the best dog toys With our video we share on the card Above Socializing when a puppy dogs need to Socialize with other animals people and

Environments to avoid behavioral Problems in later life this does not Mean they will not need to continue Doing so as an adult healthy and happy Dogs love to communicate with others Making the bed as with humans dogs love Comfort it is not strange to see your Dog lying down contentedly after you've Just changed their bed or when you allow Them to sleep some are more comfortable Like the sofa Exercise dogs need regular exercise to Keep their muscles in shape and to Stimulate themselves with cognitively And physically if your dog likes water You can take them swimming other great Forms of exercise are running throwing a Ball or agility training if you find our Videos enjoyable consider providing us a Super thanks to help the channel grow Music and all too often overlooked thing That dogs love is music listening to the Right kind of music stimulates them on An emotional level as well as a sensory One The right music will depend on the Individual but generally speaking Classical Smooths and heavy metal Agitates but vocal music is a perennial Favorite Receiving mental stimulation dogs need Mental stimulation to exercise their Minds so they often like to practice Obedience or other skills if they

Receive displays of affection and a Tasty treat in return We also recommend the use of Intelligence toys the regular practice Of advanced education exercises or Simple scent tracking exercises On the card above we share another video This time with five cent games for dogs Travel dogs do not like to stay at home All the time they like to feel included And be taken places so traveling is Another thing they love they will Accompany you almost anywhere although You have to be careful when the journey Includes a car or public transport as Some dogs can be overwhelmed depending On their character Sleeping beside you this is one of the Things that dogs love the most sleeping Next to their human best friend is often The highlight of their day some people Even let their dog sleep in the same bed Something dogs love since they naturally Live in packs and can take advantage of The Heat Getting dirty oddly enough it's one of The things they seem to enjoy the most Regardless of the breed of dog or their Normal levels of personal hygiene dogs Like to get dirty because it makes them Feel alive as well as being physically Stimulated and fit Stealing things this can be part of an Entertaining game where they see they

Can provoke a reaction in you it is also A sign of love just as they like to be By your side they often like to have a Reminder of you when you're not around If you want to continue learning fun Facts about dogs don't miss the playlist We Share here add a comment with Anything your dog loves and we'll see You next time [Music]

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