15 MISTAKES You’re MAKING with Your DOG ๐Ÿถ (And You Didn’t Know!)

โš ๏ธ Did you know that many people make mistakes with their dogs and are not aware of it? In this AnimalWised video we explain the 15 most common mistakes made with dogs so that you can learn to identify them. Make sure you don’t commit any!


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[Music] Even the most experienced guardians make Mistakes with their dogs from time to Time This is why animal y shares 15 of the Most common mistakes we make with dogs Look at your interaction together and See if you can identify any of them with Your canine [Music] Neglect their vaccination schedule some Canine diseases can be deadly It’s imperative we strictly follow the Vaccination schedule for a puppy or Recently adopted dog which has never Been vaccinated Once the dog is an adult the Veterinarian will recommend how often They need boosters Forget the monthly deworming routine Parasites are present in practically Every country in the world Some can even be spread from dogs to Humans and vice versa It’s important we consult with our Veterinarian who will prescribe the most Appropriate product for our dog Take short walks or not walk your dog Dogs must be walked to socialize Explore and relieve themselves generally It’s advisable to take between two and Three walks a day of at least 30 minutes Each If we don’t we’ll not be guaranteeing

Their well-being or meeting their basic Needs Ignore physical exercise needs in Addition to walking Dogs need to exercise to maintain their Muscles and channel stress properly There are many options from jogging to Plane fetch Don’t stimulate them mentally mental Stimulation is also very important We do it through training sessions and K9 skill games or with the use of Certain toys All this allows us to keep our dog’s Minds active promote learning and enrich Their day-to-day Leave your dog alone in the car the Interior of a car can reach very high Temperatures especially in summer This can cause our dog to suffer heat Stroke something that can be fatal if Not treated in time Therefore we should never leave a dog Alone in the car Allow them to eat all kinds of food There are some foods that we should Never offer to our dog such as chocolate Alcohol onion or grapes Discover more prohibited foods for dogs In the video that we share here Ignore being overweight and obesity this Can decrease our longevity and lead to Heart problems degeneration of their Joints or diabetes

It’s essential to keep an eye on weight By avoiding a sedentary lifestyle Exercising and controlling food portions Not spending time on education and Training These are basic pillars in the care of Dogs only in this way will we ensure They live in harmony with their Environment Are able to respond correctly to your Instructions and avoid behavioral Problems Don’t socialize puppies socialization is A stage that begins at four weeks of age And ends at around three months during This period it’s essential that the Puppy interacts with all kinds of people Animals and environments In this way we will ensure that they Know how to communicate correctly and we Will avoid fear of the unknown Use physical punishment punishment During dog training is completely Counterproductive It raises their stress levels causes Inattention and deteriorates the bond With their tutor Instead of punishing behaviors that you Dislike reinforce and empower Appropriate behaviors with positive Reinforcement Exposing them to tobacco smoke Exposure to tobacco substances can cause Irritation respiratory diseases

Lung cancer chronic sinusitis and Cardiovascular disorders in your dog Leave them alone for long periods a dog Should not spend more than eight hours a Day alone Otherwise the dog can fall into Depression and various behavioral Problems may appear These include stress and destructiveness In our absence ideally we will leave Toys and accessories to enrich their Environment and improve their well-being Forget their hygiene we must keep our Dog healthy and prevent the appearance Of disease The most important routines are brushing Dental hygiene and ear cleaning But we must also bathe them regularly And express their anal glands when Necessary Misunderstand canine language did you Know that dogs communicate with us and Other individuals in a constant basis Many guardians are completely unaware of Canine body language and calming signals Leading to lack of empathy and Miscommunication find out everything About canine body language in the video That we share here Tell us do you make sure you don’t make Any of these mistakes with your dog Let us know in the comments and we’ll See you next time

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