20 CURIOUS FACTS About DOGS That Will Surprise You ๐Ÿถ

๐Ÿ• Do you want to know some fascinating facts about dogs? In this AnimalWised video, we explain 20 curious facts about dogs that may just surprise you. Discover a lot of curiosities about the origin, senses, communication, history and anatomy of dogs.


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Today at animalwised we bring you a Bumper edition video of 20 facts about Dogs you likely don’t already know let’s Jump right in [Music] Their domestication began in the upper Paleolithic the domestication of man’s Best friend began no less than 16 000 Years ago it was the first animal to be Domesticated by humans after the asian Wolf and the dingo it’s the animal Species with the greatest diversity of Breed all dog breeds belong to the same Species canis familiaris the intense Artificial selection carried out by Humans has resulted in over 340 Recognized dog breeds They create democratic societies Dogs establish democratic societies in Which the dominant dog today may cease To be so tomorrow i.e dogs don’t follow A linear hierarchy Their aptitudes for work are multiple For many years they have been used for Very diverse tasks such as herding Hunting guarding and defending search And rescue emotional therapy detection And much more They are not strict carnivores Originally dogs only hunted animals but The process of evolution and Domestication has led to foods rich in Fiber and carbohydrates such as Vegetables and cereals becoming included

In their diet they are very voracious Animals In their natural state they were Accustomed to eating large meals in Order to endure several days of fasting So we can say that they carry a Genetically encoded greed find out how Many times a dog should eat a day in the First info video we share above they Have baby teeth As with people dogs also have a milk Teeth dentition which is replaced by Permanent or adult dentition between two And six months of age Their senses differ from those of human Beings Their sense of smell is about 15 times More developed than that of people their Hearing is four times more acute than Ours conversely their taste and eyesight Are poorly developed compared to humans They can diagnose diseases by smell Alone although it may seem incredible Dogs are capable of diagnosing human Diseases such as cancer diabetes or even Covet 19 using only their sense of smell They appreciate being petted Being animals with a highly developed Sense of touch a simple caress is a Great reward for them even better than Food to some They use a different language from ours Dogs communicate differently than humans People mainly communicate with speech

But dogs use mainly non-verbal language Learn more about canine language in the Next info video they understand more Than 150 words Despite communicating with mainly Non-verbal language dogs are capable of Understanding up to 150 words if they Are properly stimulated and educated Their life expectancy is highly variable Due to their higher growth rate and the Greater metabolic wear of their body Large dogs age at a notably faster rate Than small dogs and are generally less Long-lived animals their body Temperature is higher than ours the Normal temperature range in dogs is Between 38 and 39 degrees celsius so it Is slightly higher than that of people The temperature increases in pregnant Dogs but decreases 24 hours before labor The canine genome was sequenced in 2005. Just two years after the human genome Project announced sequencing of the First human genome had been completed The canine genome was sequenced Dogs are non-seasonal monoesters this Means that their heat cycle is not Associated with a certain season as a General rule dogs have two heat periods A year although anything between one and Three heat cycles are common They are born blind and deaf Puppies have incomplete nervous motor And sensory development at birth their

Sense of sight hearing and their ability To thermoregulate are barely developed They do not have sweat glands in their Skin except in their paw pads having Such few and underdeveloped sweat glands They barely lose any heat through the Evaporation of sweat this is why they Use mechanisms such as panting to reduce Their body temperature they hate some Things about their humans for example Having much more sensitive senses of Hearing and smell they are deeply Disturbed by screaming and strong odors In addition hugs can be uncomfortable For them making them feel trapped Dogs can make us live longer when you Include a dog in your life and your home You will gain the most loyal companion Who will want to protect you at all Times and accompany you through thick And thin with their special way of being And providing love dogs teach us to live Longer and better If you want to continue learning Curiosities about dogs don’t miss the Playlist we share here Tell us which of these facts has Surprised you the most let us know in The comments and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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