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๐Ÿˆ Do you want to know some surprising facts about cats? In this AnimalWised video, we explain 20 curious facts about cats that you probably didn’t already know. Discover these facts that reveal much about the origin, senses, communication and more of our beloved felines.


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Today at animalwised we bring you 20 Surprising facts you probably didn’t Already know about your cat let’s get Started [Music] Milk is not the best food for them During their mother’s lactation period Kittens produce large amounts of the Enzyme lactase this enzyme breaks down The lactose sugars in their mother’s Milk however once the weaning period is Over the production of this enzyme Progressively decreases as the adult cat Will no longer require to achieve their Correct nutritional intake They do not perceive sweet flavors Although cats have senses of vision and Hearing far superior to our own their Sense of taste is less developed while a Person has more than 9 000 taste buds Cats have less than 500 although they Easily detect salty acid and bitter Flavors cats do not perceive sweet Tastes They make many sounds to communicate Currently we know that cats can emit up To 100 different vocalizations to Communicate with us and with each other They communicate mainly through body Language cats primarily use body Language to express their moods emotions And perceptions the body language of Cats is very complex as it includes a Wide variety of postures gestures and

Facial expressions They have more bones than humans Although they are smaller they have a Greater number of bones than human Beings a healthy cat has about 230 bones Which is 24 more than the human skeleton Also the discs between their vertebrae Are thicker than ours They can get into seemingly impossible Spaces their skeleton and musculature Not only allow them to be agile for Climbing and hunting they also allow Them to enter practically any space no Matter how small it may seem Newton could have created the first cat Door The writer and scientist cyril eiden Writes in his book curious stories of Science that isaac newton thought of a Way to allow his cat to go outside Without having to interrupt his Concentration or experiments although it May be apocryphal it’s believed he Devised a hole in his door to allow his Cat access They also have world records for example Cream puff holds the record for being The oldest cat in the world since she Lived a total of 38 years another cat Waffle holds the guinness record for the Longest jump in the world made by a cat At 213.36 The nose is the fingerprint of cats Cats do not have fingerprints but they

Each have a uniquely designed rhinarium I.e the pad on their nose [Music] Their whiskers work as mechanoreceptors Cat vibrasai known as whiskers make up Part of their sensory abilities just Like the hairs over their eyes and under Their chin they all fulfill an important Mechanoreceptor function in combination With olfactory cells they allow cats to Identify nearby objects detect movement Measure a space or maintain balance They can see in color Although it was believed for many years That cats only see in black and white This has been shown to be a myth the Eyes of cats do not have red cone cells So they don’t perceive red or pink tones However they do have blue and green cone Cells allowing them to see certain Colours Their night vision is better than that Of humans although they can’t see in Total darkness cats do have better night Vision than us and many other animals Specifically they see eight times better Than humans when in dim light or Darkness they do not mark only with Urine nor do they do so solely to Delimit their territory marking can be Carried out for reproductive purposes to Alert other cats of their presence or Even due to stress issues they can also Mark in different ways discover these

Ways in the first info video we share Above They need us because they love us as Kittens cats need their mother’s teeth To stimulate milk production it’s a Natural movement that provides food Strengthens their bond and generates a Feeling of well-being and security as Adults cats need people and objects to Express calmness happiness and security They sleep up to 16 hours a day a kitten Can sleep up to 20 hours a day and an Adult cat for around 14 to 16 hours These hours of sleep are not continuous As they prefer to take short naps Throughout the day They are crepuscular animals Cats are most active at dusk and dawn This is a survival mechanism the species Adopted both to avoid predators and to Hunt their own prey They don’t like stagnant water How many times have you seen your cat Drink water from the tap or with their Paw the explanation is simple cats Prefer moving water they are extremely Hygienic animals so they can detect if The water has been standing for too long When they show their belly they indicate They are comfortable When a cat lays on their back next to You it indicates they fully trust you Especially if they let you touch their Underside they feel safe protected and

At ease with you Their belly does not hang Many cats appear to have a hanging belly Even though they are not overweight it Is the so-called primordial pouch and is Inherited from wild cats Learn more about the primordial pouch And cats in the next info video They also sweat Although they do not sweat as much as Humans and do so in a different way they Have sweat glands on their chin anus Lips and paws If you want to continue learning Information about cats don’t miss the Playlist we share here let us know in The comments which facts surprised you Most and we’ll see you next time [Music] You

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