20 SAFE PLANTS for CATS 🌿 For the Home and Garden

Do you wonder if there are suitable plants for cats? While some may be toxic to cats, there are many safe plants with which cats can happily coexist. In this AnimalWised we bring you a list of plants which are either completely non-toxic or are considered safe to have in the home and garden if you share your life with a cat.

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A cat’s nature makes them curious Animals often investigating new plants By sniffing and even biting them to Avoid health problems This animal wise video provides a list Of 20 safe plants to have together with Cats catnip or cat’s wart if you’re Looking for a plant which is not only Non-toxic but can help benefit your Cat’s health catnip is what you need the New Petitte Kataria properly known as Catnip or cats wort has an effect on Cats we could classify as narcotic in The video that we share here and in the Description we will tell you in detail About catnip and its effects aloe vera Aloe vera is another one of those plants Which is safe for cats but only to have In the home or garden for display they Are toxic to cats if ingested and can Cause diarrhea lethargy and depression But it’s very uncommon they will be Tempted to eat it they are toxic to cats If ingested and can cause diarrhea Lethargy and depression but it is very Uncommon they will be tempted to eat it If so you should remove it from the home Chamomile chamomile infusion can be used To help clean a cat’s eyes if applied Topically and shouldn’t cause them Distress there is some evidence to Suggest they might help against ticks But results are inconclusive and they Are unlikely to stop a tick biting the

Plant is fine to have in the home We have a video in which we show you how To clean the eyes of a cat with Chamomile you can click here or check The description Valerian catnip is used as a sort of Tranquilizer for cats but not all will Respond to it Valerian appears to have a similar Effect for nervous or distressed cats However this does not negate the Importance of finding the cause of Anxiety and addressing it parsley if a Little parsley is eaten by a cat it Should have no effect on them but it Cannot be kept in large amounts due to a Link to light sensitivity rosemary Rosemary is non-toxic to cats and a Lovely smell for humans but most cats Will ignore it time time is another Non-toxic plant for cats there is some Evidence to support antimicrobial Effects but how are these work and in What way are inconclusive peppermint Peppermint is another plant which is Toxic to cats when ingested in large Doses the strong smell means they will Usually reject it so it is safe to have In smaller – yellow Pam yellow Pam is One of the most common indoor plants to Decorate homes for its beauty and simple Care in addition it’s a non toxic plant For cats you can have it without Worrying about whether your cat will

Suffer damage biting its leaves or Rubbing against them orchid there are Many types of orchid that exists and They are in high demand as decorative Plants due to their extraordinary beauty They are not toxic to cats but many Flowers can cause an upset stomach if Eaten by them if you have a cat which Likes to nibble on flowers keep orchids Out of the way where they will be Poisoned but it might be best to keep Them out of the way completely Do you fancy something else not on our List so far here are 10 others which are Not toxic to cats either they include Dandelion cat’s claw Calathea basil sage bamboo bottle pan Spider plant myrrh anta progeria and the Button fern don’t miss our other video About toxic plants for cats we leave the Link above and in the description do you Have any favorite plants for cats not on This list would you like to recommend a Breed to make a video for if so leave us Your comments give us a like if you Found it helpful and see you next time [Music] You

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