3 HOMEMADE TOYS for RABBITS 🐰 With Recycled Materials

πŸ‡ In this video from AnimalWised we show you 3 very easy ideas to create homemade rabbit toys, made with recycled materials so you can have a fun time with your pet. Learn how you can use these ideas to play with your rabbit and keep them entertained and stimulated at the same time.

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The rabbit is a social animal which Needs a lot of attention and love one of The ways we show our love is by Providing an enriched environment which Keeps them stimulated and entertained Animal wise helps you do this by showing You how to make three homemade toys for Rabbits using recycled material so you Can have fun making the toys and playing Once they’re made chew toy vegetables Are an important food for rabbits so Making a vegetable chew toy can keep Them both entertained and healthy to Make this toy we will need vegetables a Length of string and tweezers first we Wash and chop the vegetables we have Chosen to use pieces of carrot and Swiss Chard with the help of the tweezers we Can hang the vegetables on the string Finally we will tie the two ends of the String and place in an area accessible To the rabbits and let them play before Continuing don’t forget to subscribe to The animal wise channel to stay Up-to-date on pets and for more Information visit our website at Www.weiu.net [Music] Hey tube pay is essential in a rabbit’s Diet in fact up to 80% of the diet must Be hey a tube with hay can stimulate our Bunny friend to eat part of their daily Heya mite to make this toy we will need A toilet roll tube two strings scissors

And hay first thing we need to do is Create two holes in the toilet roll tube With the scissors you can use a stanley Knife or similar if scissors aren’t Available we introduce the two strings Into the holes and tie a knot to keep Them secure next fill the tube with hay And place the toy in their hutch or Another place to which the rabbit has Access do you want to know everything About taking care of rabbits rabbit Tunnel many rabbit Guardians listen Tunnels as one of the best rabbit toys Perhaps because it resembles burrows They would have in the wild in our home They allow them to hide shelter and rest This is the simplest toy to make since All we need is an empty cereal box open The box at both ends next place the Box On its narrow side carefully put Pressure on the box so that folds are Formed in the wide sides then we put the Folds at the ends of the box and we have An extremely easy to make little tunnel Attach more boxes for more elaborate Tunnels if you liked these ideas give us A like and share your own in the Comments we’ll see you next time [Music] You [Music]

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