40 Ways You Can HARM YOUR CAT 🐱🚫 Some Are DEADLY!

🐈 There are many ways our cat can come to harm, some of which are more obvious than others. AnimalWised shares 40 Ways You Can HARM YOUR CAT so you know what to avoid when caring for a feline. Some of these are related to our actions when caring for a cat, but there are some hidden dangers such as toxic plants, forbidden foods and even common household items that can cause your cat serious harm. Some of them can even kill your cat.


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In today's animal-wise video we discuss 40 things you should never do to your Cat we'll start by showing you 10 Household items which can kill your cat So you can ensure you keep them well Out Of Reach of your feline [Music] It is usual for a cat to try and drink Water from anywhere during the warmest Months Especially if their water bowl is empty If you have been negligent and forgotten The bucket of bleach water you used to Clean you may have a serious problem Some cats love the smell of bleach which Can be a serious health problem bleach Is very harmful and can cause serious Issues in their digestive system such as Vomiting excessive salivation and a lot Of pain aspirin is a very common Medicine for human use however the Effects on our cat can be very serious After the ingestion of this drug the cat Could suffer vomiting bleeding ulcers And even internal perforation the Poinsettia or Easter flower which is Typical during Christmas is toxic for Dogs and cats the Milky sap offered by This plant causes vomiting and diarrhea In small amounts but in large doses it Can be very harmful chocolate contains a Toxic substance called theobromine an Alkenoid obtained from cocoa that Stimulates the nervous system unlike

People felines are not able to remove This substance from their bodies with The same means making it a toxic agent For the them only 6 grams of chocolate Per kilogram of your cat's weight can be Lethal as with people tobacco smoke Causes cancer in cats if you're a smoker You should keep your windows open smoke Outdoors whenever possible and blow Smoke towards the ceiling at all times It it's not a good idea to offer raw Fish to our cat raw fish can contain Bacteria which is very harmful to a cat That is used to eating dry food on the Other hand we must also be careful with The spines finally it should be noted That the consumption of certain fish Such as the tuna can cause an excessive Intake of mercury which is very harmful To cats your cat will most likely be Attracted to them if they see mothballs On the floor if they are ingested we Will be faced with a very serious health Problem because they seriously damage The nervous system it can cause vomiting Diarrhea and even seizures toothpaste Contains a lot of chemical elements such As fluoride or abrasives such as salt Fluoride in particular is very harmful And dangerous for the cat's Health it Can cause nerve disturbances inattention Heartburn vomiting and internal damage It is very important to avoid cat access To this product different types of

Paints are composed of pigments binders Solvents plasticiders and other elements They are all harmful to your cat's Intestinal Health but solvents in Particular can cause hallucinations Intense internal pain convulsions Epilepsy coma and even cardiac Arrhythmias obviously any type of poison Is very harmful to the health of your Pets If you have cats or dogs at home you Should never use rat snail or insect Poison as your animals could be affected Ingesting this type of product can cause A very painful death if your cat has Been poisoned you should see your vet as Soon as possible to help expel the toxic Substance from the body remember that it Is not advisable to try to make a feline Vomit if we are not clear what they have Ingested because some products such as Bleach can act as dangerous corrosives In their mouth go to the emergency bed If necessary your cat's life is at risk If they have swallowed any of these 10 Things the best thing you can do to Prevent your cat from getting Intoxicated is to keep all these Products Out Of Reach just like you Would with a small child Now you know these 10 very dangerous Items for your cat we provide a guide to The plants you might have in the home Which are toxic to these animals

Depending on the type of toxic plant With which our cat has come in contact They will develop different symptoms The most common disorders and health Problems caused by intoxication are Gastrointestinal disorders neurological Issues heart problems allergic Dermatitis and even renal failure the Most common toxic plants which can cause Serious damage to a cat's nervous and Digestive system are the following Oleander The main issues concern gastrointestinal Problems but depending on their mind Ingested oolander can lead to Respiratory distress arrhythmia or Cardiac arrest in extreme cases Can also cause fever and drowsiness Azalea Azalea also mainly affects the digestive System resulting in diarrhea vomiting And excessive salivation In small quantities a lack of Coordination and hallucinations may be Provoked ingesting higher amounts can Cause acute digestive damage respiratory Distress heart problems seizures Hypertension coma and even death in Severe cases Duncan All parts of this plant are toxic to Cats so they can be damaged by ingestion Or direct contact Direct contact leads to Dermatological

Disorders such as irritation Inflammation redness or even blisters Ingestion causes a burning sensation in The mouth meaning cats usually will stop Eating it immediately Ivy All parts of this plant are poisonous With their fruit being especially Dangerous it causes gastrointestinal Disorders such as diarrhea and vomiting As well as spasms and increased heart Rate Additionally mere contact with the skin Develops dermatitis and rashes in our Cat In the most serious cases where the Plant is consumed it can be fatal Before detailing the five remaining Plants don't forget to subscribe to our Channel to keep up to date with Everything we share Hydrangea both the leaves and flowers Are toxic with the most common symptoms Of poisoning typical of gastrointestinal Disorders including diarrhea vomiting And abdominal pain Depending on the amount ingested it can Affect the nervous system and cause Motor skill problems such as in Coordination Hyacinth although the flowers are toxic The most dangerous part for cats is the Bulb it causes digestive disorders such As gastrointestinal irritation diarrhea

And vomiting lilies Ingesting this toxic plant for cats Mainly produces digestive disorders such As diarrhea vomiting abdominal pain and Even malaise In the most severe cases it can cause Hypertension and increase feline blood Pressure Marijuana Although it is illegal to have this Plant at home you should know that its Intake is highly toxic to the cat Symptoms they will present include a Lack of coordination vomiting diarrhea Excessive drooling seizures increased Heart rate and in the worst cases coma Poinsettia one of the most common plants In homes during winter and at the same Time one of the most toxic for cats if Ingested it can cause digestive Disorders which cause diarrhea vomiting And abdominal pain In cases of direct contact with the sap Of the plant this will cause irritation To the skin and eyes of the cat itching And rashes Narcissus All varieties of narcissists are toxic To cats as a whole Skin irritation develops of direct Contact while ingestion produces serious Gastrointestinal problems such as Vomiting and acute diarrhea inflammation And abdominal pain Related cardiac disorders can lead to

The death of the animal here ends our Video for today Do you have any plans at home you're Worried about let us know in the Comments and don't forget to give us a Like if you enjoyed the video we'll see You next time while we may be able to Eat them fine our next video details the Fruits and vegetables harmful to cats so You will know never to feed them to your Feline avocados the high fat content Makes them a forbidden fruit for cats The result of its ingestion can result In pancreatitis in addition if a cat Swallows the stone or skin they could Suffer an intestinal obstruction its Consumption is also associated with the Appearance of digestive problems Avocados contain a toxin called person Although it does rarely affect cats Grapes raisins and currants grapes Raisins sultanas or currants are harmful To the kidneys of cats even a relatively Small amount can lead to acute kidney Failure and even death this is why we Should never give them these fruits or Add them to any recipe we offer Oranges lemons tangerines and grapefruit Citrus fruits such as oranges lemons Tangerines or grapefruit are considered Harmful fruits for cats due to their Acidity this can cause gastric Irritation fortunately they are not Fruits which hold much appeal for most

Cats Apples peaches plums pears and cherries Apple is a healthy fruit for cats but we Include it in the list because its seeds Contain substances capable of generating Cyanide which could be harmful to them Specifically cyanide inhibits an enzyme That is necessary for the transport of Oxygen between cells this means we can Only offer Apple to cats without any Seeds or even the leaves of this fruit Tree this same problem is also caused by The Stones of other fruits such as Peaches nectarines plums pears cherries Or apricots If you want to know what fruits are Recommended for cats check out the first Info video above Onions and garlic both onion and garlic Contain a substance called triosulfate Which is related to the appearance of Hemolytic anemia a problem related to The rupture of red blood cells that can Lead to a fatal outcome for this our cat Would have to consume large amounts or Small doses over a long period of time But smaller amounts of onion and garlic Can cause diarrhea and vomiting Potatoes the potato is a tuber that Contains sulinine which is toxic to not Only cats but also people and dogs the Good news is it can be removed by Cooking them this means cats can eat Cooked potato but only in small

Quantities as they only provide Unhelpful carbohydrates Check out the next info video in which We explain in detail what a cat should Eat Tomatoes although their appearance is Not reminiscent of a potato they are From the same sulanaci family for this Reason Tomatoes also contain sulanin When they are not yet fully ripe and This means they can be harmful to cats Care must also be taken with the plant Because if the cat has access to one They could chew and ingest its leaves or Stems which also contains solanine Finally we're going to show you 15 Things you should never do to your cat If you don't want them to harm their Health or their relationship with you Fail to respect the basic freedoms of Animal Welfare welcoming a cat into the Home requires a great level of Responsibility for ensuring their Welfare this means keeping them free of Thirst hunger malnutrition pain and Disease all while letting them Express Their feline nature without fear or Stress Not taking them to the vet even if your Cat is well you should take them to the Veterinary clinic for a yearly Preventive check to verify their health And bring their vaccination and Deworming schedules up to date also if

You observe a sudden change in Behavior You should take a cat to be checked Before a health problem progresses Beyond help Punish or scold them as much as there Are situations that make you lose your Patience punishment is totally Contradicted if you want to educate a Cat your cat does not understand the Reason for your anger so they can begin To distrust and show rejection towards You in addition they will suffer stress And therefore you will only make the Situation worse not paying enough Attention a cat is a playful social Animal that needs exercise therefore you Need to spend time every day either to Pamper them or play with them you must Spend quality time together practicing Activities that stimulate them Cognitively and physically otherwise Your cat will be bored and accumulate a Lot of energy making them irritable Stressed and develop behavior problems Here we share a video in which we show You five games to entertain your cat at Home Respecting their boundaries if You did with bad intentions it is likely That sometimes you will be too Affectionate with your kitten to the Point of overwhelming them often the Best way to show your cat that you love Them is by respecting their limits

Understanding when they are receptive to Pampering when they want to play and When they want to be left alone Perform an onyectomy anonyectomy is a Surgical procedure which involves Amputating the last Phalanx of each of Her cat's paws to remove the bone joint Nerves and blood vessels it is also Known as declawing and is done with the Intention of removing the claws so they Do not perform behaviors people consider Annoying such as scratchiness or Destroying upholstery it is a cruel Practice with serious negative physical And psychological repercussions for the Well-being of the cat you should train Them to redirect these behaviors and use Appropriate tools such as scratching Posts or toys humanize them and not let Them be a cat if you try to relate to a Cat from a human perspective only many Misunderstandings will arise which Confuse and harm them their needs and Ours are not the same this is why you Need to identify whether your approach To care and treatment is appropriate From a feline perspective not your own Also you need to understand that a cat Has certain needs specific to their Species such as scratching playing Meowing Etc through appropriate guidance And positive reinforcement you should Redirect these behaviors into Appropriate activities

Enjoy making them feel bad Many people find it amusing to put their Cats in compromising situations to get a Reaction often scaring or hurting them In the process these range and cruelty But even some which seem like a game can Be harmful for example playing with a Laser pointer means the cat will never Catch the Light which can cause serious Frustration and confusion [Music] Abandon them Some people are simply too irresponsible To adopt a cat when they get tired of Them they simply abandon them to Nature Many of these animals die as they do not Know how to survive or end up in a Shelter and have difficulties in being Re-hoped Don't educate them education is an Essential part of a happy coexistence With cats this way cats don't learn Habits which can cause a nuisance such As biting or scratching furniture with Proper guidance and positive Reinforcement cats can learn the rules Of a home and behave appropriately Here we share a video in which we give You tips to get along with the cat Smoking well with them Smoke is very harmful for a cat's lungs They can develop serious health problems If they inhale it constantly Furthermore With their need to groom regularly by

Licking they can ingest toxic particles From the cigarette which settle onto Their coats Foreign Treat them like a toy in some homes cats Are brought in to be a play thing for Children as if they were little more Than a stuffed toy this is why it is Necessary to explain to kids the Importance of respect for Animals as Well as supervising play sessions Give inappropriate food sometimes you May feel like pampering your cat with Food especially if they give you longing Looks however giving cats inappropriate Foods such as chocolate cookies or other Types will harm their health especially In the long term If you want to offer your furry friend Something more suitable you can buy them Different treats wet Foods or other Ingredients which will not harm their Health Cause them to light or annoying noises Cats have very sharp hearing so it can Be very stressful if they are constantly Exposed to loud noises Therefore your cat should have an area In the home where they can rest quietly Without being exposed to large noises Similarly it is not advisable for your Cat to carry a bell as this sign can Bother them Dress them up with Annoying accessories

Thanks to specialist stores at the Internet there are more and more options To dress up your cat if you are thinking Of purchasing any of these products Spare a thought to what your cat will Think You should never dress them up in items Which are uncomfortable or harmful to Them before buying an accessory for your Cat always make sure it does not hinder Their Mobility prevent them from Grooming or cause any physical harm or Any of these dangers surprising to you Let us know in the comments if so and We'll see you next time [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]

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