Did you know that PETTING a DOG provides us with multiple BENEFITS, both physical and psychological? There are many advantages to having an animal at home, dogs specifically. They also benefit the animal and help improve our bond together. Don’t miss out!


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The benefits of having a dog at home and Interacting with them positively are Both physical and psychological this is Why animal wise explains the five main Benefits of petting your dog [Music] Reduces stress and anxiety the main Benefit of petting a dog is that it Helps to reduce stress and anxiety Levels for both animal and Guardian dogs Love having contact with those they Consider family and it can help relax Them when nervous the frequency of her Own brainwaves associated with a Decrease in cortisol commonly known as The stress hormone increases Significantly after spending time Petting a dog this explanation is part Of the study carried out by the Psychiatrist Sandra Baker in Virginia USA the study showed that people who Regularly interact with animals are Generally less stressed prevents heart Problems it has also been shown in Several international studies including By the American Heart Association that Petting a dog reduces heart rate and Blood pressure the simple fact of Interacting positively with a dog lowers The heart rate so much that experts Often recommend a pet to those with Heart condition Improves immune system another benefit Of having a dog is that it may help to

Strengthen your immune system industrial Level cleaning and personal hygiene Habits mean we don’t always pick up the Antibodies we need to fend off disease Since dogs carry certain amounts of Bacteria on them some studies have shown That this can help us to share each Other’s microbiome by transferring some Of this bacteria there are even studies Which suggest that babies raised in Households with dogs are less likely to Develop issues such as allergies or Asthma Improves emotional state several studies Have shown that people with dogs are Generally happier than those without Patting and having contact with dogs Makes us feel more loved and releases Endorphins something which can help us Live longer when we get home from work Our dog’s excitement about our arrival Can be doing this to the world of good This is why people with depression are Also recommended to live with a dog they Help to improve our emotional stability By providing company being a confidante And sharing unforgettable moments all While giving us unconditional Helps in different therapies dogs are Widely used in various therapies to help Rehabilitate or treat patients dealing With various issues including autism Socialization problems and others this Type of therapy is known as zoo therapy

Or k9 therapy and consists of treating People with sensory activities provided By the dog through contact with the dog And other supportive therapies they try To solve these socialization issues While petting a dog can be beneficial to Us hugging a dog may provide some Problems which this video details what Do you enjoy most about living with the Dog share your experiences with us in The comments and we’ll see you next time [Music]

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