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🐾 Do you want to know how to relax your cat? In this video from AnimalWised, we show you 5 ways to calm a cat so that you can help them overcome moments of stress and restlessness.



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Cats can sometimes be stressed or Restless but there are many ways to help Them avoid feeling this way in this Video from animal wise we provide five Tips to help your cat relax when they Need [Music] Relaxing massage if the cat is receptive A massage of this type will bring many Benefits including a feeling of Tranquility relaxing massages work on The areas where cats normally like to be Petted These include their heads cheeks neck Back and base of the tail these are the Areas we should massage for the massage We use extended fingers and exert gentle Pressure with our fingertips Always making delicate movements ideally In a circular motion the most sensitive Areas are the cheeks behind the ears and The chin we can go down the neck along The back and reach the tail passing over Several times in repetition we can Repeat the same movement on the sides Careful not to touch them in the Sensitive area of their belly and Undercarriage the duration of the Messiah’s should be about five to 10 Minutes or when the cat interrupts the Session food and games especially when Boredom leads to stress games are a Great way to calm a cat similarly food Can be a helpful tool in getting the

Cat’s attention entertaining them and Improving their well-being for all these Reasons we recommend intelligence games And food dispensing toys use your cat’s Favorite food but only as part of a Balanced diet treats should not exceed 10 percent of the daily caloric intake Some people have begun adding relaxing Drops their cats water such as back Floors their efficacy has never been Proven beyond a placebo effect something Which may not be applicable to animals If you do use them as a way to relax Your cat use them according to Instruction and never use them as a Replacement for veterinary treatment Pheromones Among the many relaxing scents for cats Synthetic pheromones are ones which Stand out these pheromones are used in Various products designed to make cats Feel reassured you can find them in Sprays and plug-in diffusers while they Are already considered a great option to Can cats not all are as equally Effective a particularly pleasant smell For cats is catnip or cats wort you can Buy this plant directly or find it Incorporated into different toys or Treats Relaxing music if you want to help a cat Relax we can turn into relaxing music For cats the best thing would be to try Different types of melody and genre to

See how they react Classical music is often suitable as Long as it is relaxing and not full of High pitches which can be bothersome to Feline ears here we leave you a video With relaxing music for cats Environmental enrichment Lastly cats love to explore especially From Heights it’s a good idea to offer Them a perch to observe what is going on Both inside and outside the home all Cats need an environment conducive to Developing the natural behaviors these Include running climbing hunting and Scratching it is important your cat has A suitable space complete with Scratching posts resting places water Food litter boxes and toys to play with Love and respect are also vital keys to Having a happy and relaxed cat this DIY Cat circuit tour is a great way to Encourage your cats mental ability and Physical well-being Tellis will usually work to relax your Cat by leaving us a comment and we’ll See you next time [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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