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🐶 Did you know that there are some breeds of cats that look like lions? In this AnimalWised video we show the you 5 cat breeds that look most like the king of the jungle: the lion.


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[Music] It is not surprising there are cats that Look like lions They are related but we show you the Five cats which most look like lions In this new animal-wise video [Music] Perhaps the cat that looks most like a Lion is the main kun Originating from the united states while They won’t quite reach the size of a Fully grown lion the maine is the Largest domestic cat breed in the world Some can weigh over 20 pounds moreover The longest recorded cat in the world Was stewie A maine which reached over four Feet in length In terms of character they are very Friendly and playful Bonding strongly with their guardians so Much so they will miss them when they Aren’t around Find out more about this curious breed Of cat in the video we share here Ragdoll Another large and strong cat the ragdoll Also looks like a lion They can exceed 35 inches in length with Males weighing up to 20 pounds And females usually being a little Lighter the ragdoll’s coat is similar to The siamese cat breed in that it is a Colour point pattern

This pattern shows darker patches of fur On the extremities For example their feet and tail as well As their ears and face Their fur is long thick and very soft Again the thick fluffiness of the hair Around the neck also gives this cat Breed a lion-like appearance If you consider adopting a rag doll Remember they are very sociable and Tolerant of company They can live in multi-cat households And are usually relatively quiet in Terms of vocalization [Music] Norwegian forest cat similar to the Maine The norwegian forest cat is known for Both their size and their long fur Their lush coat also has a ring around The neck which resembles a lion’s mane However although they are indeed a breed Which looks like a lion They probably more closely resemble a Lynx they can live up to 18 years or More Despite their wild appearance they are Affectionate and curious British long hair this is a strong and Muscular looking cat This big eyed small eared feline has a Thick tail Resembling a small line males can weigh Up to 8 kilograms

And females between 4 and 6 kilograms They are calm and somewhat independent Something which sets them apart from Most other lion-like cat breeds There is also a british shorthair cat a Breed you can learn about in this video Ragamuffin the raga muffin cat is Characterized by having a robust and Large physical appearance They have a head larger than their body And large eyes Similar to the norwegian forest cat this Is another long-lived feline Their life expectancy can be up to 18 Years of age In general their coat is medium long for This reason They quite often look like lions since The hair on their face is short But they have a long mane which Surrounds it for those wanting to know More about various cat breeds the Playlist we share here Has you covered do you have a favorite Lion cat Let us know what they are in the Comments and we’ll see you next time You

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