5 CATS That Made HISTORY 🐱 Find Out Their Amazing Stories!

Throughout history there have been a large number of cats that have been recognized worldwide for their curious feats. In this AnimalWised video we tell you about 5 cats that made history. Don’t miss hearing about their adventures!


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[Music] While no cat is more endearing than our Own There are some cats out there who have Made a worldwide impact In this animal-wise video we tell you About five cats that made history for Their talent and curious feats Keep watching to find out [Music] Stubs the mayor cat they say that stubbs Managed to be mayor of talkeetna alaska Thanks to the fact he was voted by the Vast majority of its 800 inhabitants The truth is that this tar never Actually had a mayor instead it is Managed by a higher administration Still stories of stubs the cat who Became mayor attracted many tourists Who visited to take pictures with him in The end it turned Out to be a publicity stunt by some Crafty locals looking to make a quick Buck from a viral story With the sale of official stubs Merchandise like t-shirts and lights Snowball the cat who helped solve a Crime it all started in 1994 When a woman disappeared from her home On prince edward island canada Police found her car abandoned with the Interior covered in blood In a forest near the scene they found The jacket of a mysterious man with a

Woman’s blood And traces of cat hair thanks to Snowball the hair was matched to his Owner Providing conclusive proof he was the Killer Discover the story with all the details In the video that we share here Phyllis the astronaut this french cat Was the first feline to travel into Space It happened in october 1963 when several Cats were subjected to harsh space Flight training In france fella set was launched in a Rocket and flew over earth for about 15 Minutes Unlike some animals put into space she Returned in a capture with a parachute Becoming a space hero when she landed Tama the head of the train station mr Koyama was a resident of kinawaka japan Who fed tama and other stray cats that Were approaching the railway station The company converted this stop into an Automatic station to make it financially Viable For this reason local residents were Given honorary roles as station chiefs In 2004 mr koryama was elected station Chief And three years later it was tama’s turn The duties of this feline were to greet Travellers and wear a stationmaster’s

Hat Also she was rewarded for her work with Food Orangy the great actor orangey was a Great feline actor Who won two patsy awards the animal Equivalent of the oscars Orangey starred in his first film in 1951 and from that moment on He was hired for numerous cinematic Masterpieces he participated in films Like the incredible shrinking man Returned to earth and perhaps most Famously breakfast at tiffany’s This wonderful orange tabby was trained By the famous animal trainer Frank inn if you want to know more about Popular cats take a look at our video on The 10 most popular cat freeze Share your favorite feline fables in the Comments and we’ll see you next You

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