5 FUN FACTS About a DOG’S Sense of SMELL 🐶👃🏻

🐾🐕 The dog’s olfactory ability is extraordinary and is what allows it to optimally relate to its environment. Do you want to know the olfactory abilities of dogs that make them unique and special? In this AnimalWised video we reveal 5 interesting facts about dogs’ sense of smell that you probably didn’t know. Pay attention and take note!


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Different animals will often favor Certain senses over others for we humans Our means of processing stimuli is often Through vision however it is through Their acute olfactory ability that dogs Best understand the world around them For this reason animal wise shares five Fun facts about the canine sense of Smell so you can see just how Extraordinary it is Dogs do not get used to smells when People detect an odor in the environment We gradually get used to it after a While we’re barely able to perceive it Thanks to a process known as habituation This phenomenon does not occur in dogs As smell is their main mood of Perception they never stop detecting the Smells that surround them even if they Have been exposed to them for a long Time Discover the eight smells that dogs hate The most in the first info video we Share above They can establish temporal sequences Through their sense of smell Dogs are able to have some perception of The passing of time thanks to their Ability to detect the concentration of Scent molecules and how they dissipate The higher the molecular concentration The more intense the odor meaning they Know the source of the odor was there Recently

Thanks to this great ability dogs are Able to closely follow the tracks of Other animals or even people Not all dogs have the same olfactory Capacity Breed skull morphology and genetics Among other factors influence the Development of a dog’s sense of smell The dog with the most acute sense of Smell is generally believed to be the Bloodhound this large hound of belgian Origin has more than 300 million Olfactory receptors Dogs with a flattened snout such as the Bulldog and dogs of the very long snout Such as the greyhound tend to have a Slightly less developed sense of smell Than dogs with a more proportionate Snout This is due to their anatomy making it Somewhat difficult for scent molecules To be recognized all dogs will still Have a keen sense of smell which you can Put to the test with the tracking game We share in the next info video each of Their nostrils works independently Unlike our nose the nose of dogs has two Nostrils capable of detecting odors Independently to locate origin of sense And send different signals to the brain This is often colloquially called Sniffing in stereo or in 3d the pattern Of their nose is unique to each animal The lines and patterns that make up the

Skin tissue of a dog’s nose are unique To each individual and no two are alike Just like human fingerprints this Discovery has been seen in several Countries where the nasal impressions of Dogs are used as evidence of Identification in cases of loss theft or Abandonment if you want to know more Curiosities about dogs don’t miss the Playlist we share here tell us what Other curious things have you noticed About your dog’s sense of smell let us Know in the comments and we’ll see you Next time [Music]

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