Do you want to know how to play with your cat at home? In this video AnimalWised, we explain various games to entertain your cat at home with some homemade toys and others that are very easy to find. These games will help keep your cat stimulated both physically and mentally.



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Playing with your cat is a vital aspect Of their care Similar to keeping them well-fed and Providing a comfortable place to sleep Without play and engagement your cat may Suffer stress anxiety or depression Additionally it is recommended we set a Schedule for games and ensure we follow A routine if you want some tips on Playing with your cat at home animal Wise proposes five games to keep them Entertained a cardboard box something as Simple as an empty cardboard box can be One of the best games to entertain your Cat at home within Heights endless Possibilities you can leave it within Their reach for them to decide when to Go in and play alternatively leave toys Or treats inside to encourage them and Associate the box with positive stimuli If you want to make the game even more Fun for your friend use multiple boxes And create a maze with them we do this By creating different openings and Joining boxes between them for the cat To go in and out don’t forget to put in Various treats to guide them through and Don’t make it so difficult they get Stuck there are other games with boxes For cats if you want to know another Here and in the description we share an Intelligence game for cats using boxes [Music] Kong the perfect toy the famous Kong toy

Is a food dispenser toy used to Entertain our animals when we are not Around it is very effective in treating Separation anxiety This is why cats would spend a lot of Time on their own should definitely have One around all we need to do is put food Or a treat inside the convoy and press It gently so it is difficult for the cat To get inside In this way we keep them entertained as Well as stimulating their cognition as They try to get what is inside before Continuing don’t forget to subscribe to The animal wise channel to stay up to Date with everything we share about cats Dogs and other animals Hunting gear cats are hunters by nature So we need to address this need if we Want to reduce the chances of chasing Prey at home we can find a toy called a Fishing rod which has various colors and Accessories often with feathers toy mice Or other lures on the end these lures Act as prey and capture the cat’s Attention get one for your feline and Enjoy bonding with them as you play Together remember to let them capture to Learn every once in a while so they do Not get frustrated if you don’t have This toy at home you can make it from Recycled materials here and in the Description box we give you a video with Three homemade cat toys including a

Fishing rod scratcher with several Layers and toys we all know that cats Love to scratch their nails and certain Objects a scratcher can both do this and Offer fun traditional one-sided Scratchers will provide much engagement But a multi-leveled scratcher with Various toys attached can keep the cat Entertained for arms if you still do not Have a scratching post for your cat we Tell you why you should make the Investment in the video we share about The benefits of scratching trees for Cats [Music] Find the ball searching and fetching the Ball is not just a dog in cats can also Enjoy it we teach you the four steps you Must follow to teach them this game find The ball that your friend likes the most And throw it for them to chase at the Same time say search to associate the Act of searching with the order and ward It when they get once this registers you Can move on to teaching them to bring The toy to do this call them when they Have the ball in their mouth and when They approach you gently remove the toy Give them a treat so that they Understand that when they give it they Receive a prize finally slowly teach Them the let go command when putting the Toy down and practice until they do it On their own what do you think of these

Ideas leave us your comment with the Games you play with your cats so that You can share New York tivities with the Community give us a like if you enjoyed The video and we’ll see you next time You [Music]

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