5 MISTAKES You Make When You DISCIPLINE a CAT ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™‚๏ธโŒ๐Ÿˆ

๐Ÿ˜พ Do you want to properly educate your cat and understand its behavior? Then you are in the right place. In this AnimalWised video, we explain what the 5 most common mistakes are when scolding a cat, so that you can avoid them and understand your feline better.


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The process of educating your companion Requires a lot of patience and calm To benefit both you and your cat in this Animal-wise video We explain the five most common mistakes When you discipline a cat So that you can avoid them and better Understand your feline [Music] Don’t provide alternatives many Guardians have wrong expectations about How cats should behave And neglect their essential needs for Example Cats need to hiss and scratch at Something which bothers them trying to Stop this kind of behavior through Punishment Is like not letting them sleep when they Need to when we try to do this The cat becomes stressed and will Perform these behaviors in inappropriate Ways such as scratching furniture this Is why we need to redirect these Behaviors in a more positive way for the Both of you A good example is purchasing an Appropriate scratching post And bring them to it when they scratch Something else this is the same with Behaviors such as meowing marking or Excessive hissing we need to determine The cause of the behavior to improve Their well-being

Something you won’t achieve through Punishment discover the best accessories For your cat’s environmental enrichment In the video we share here Yelling or physically assaulting them You should never disproportionately Scold a cat As they cannot understand why you’re Angry or what they can do to avoid it The feline may end up confused and Associate this negative experience with You Causing them to fear your presence to Train a cat it’s very important to be Subtle and avoid generating negative Emotions which they may associate with You Rather than scolding them what you Should do is dissuade them from behaving Inappropriately By redirecting behaviours correctly it’s Always preferable to opt for positive Reinforcement when negative [Music] Force them to smell their stool or urine There is a belief that forcing a cat to Smell their eliminations Will help them understand they shouldn’t Do it in a certain place in reality this Action is inappropriate and cruel Doing it this way is not only an Ineffective training method but it can Cause the cat to become stressed this Will only cause them to urinate or

Defecate inappropriately more Find the underlying cause and treat it To know more about understanding your Cat Check out this video on why cat’s Meowology Be incoherent when educating a cat it’s Very important To be consistent you cannot scold your Cat for something that you sometimes Allow them to do For example if you don’t want them to Jump on the table never let them do it If you sometimes allow them to go up but Other times you scold them for doing so Your cat will not be able to understand It’s particularly important to be Consistent in their education from the Time they are kitten We shouldn’t allow them to do things They shouldn’t do as an adult so as not To confuse them Punish after the fact finally one of the Most common mistakes is trying to Correct a cat much after they have done Something inappropriate For example scolding them when we get Home after they have caused damage Earlier in the day in these situations Even if you are seriously annoyed Your cat is unable to understand the Cause of your anger and will begin to Feel insecure with you The key to success is to offer them

Correct environmental enrichment To be consistent in their education and To opt for positive reinforcement Tell us do you and your cat understand Each other perfectly Here and in the description we share a Video in which you can learn everything About feline body language We’ll see you next time

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