🐕 In this AnimalWised #short we are going to show you why you should adopt a Golden Retriever by explaining their main characteristics as one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. In addition to being a balanced and affectionate dog, a Golden Retriever will be a great companion for the little ones in the house.

[Music] Five reasons to adopt a golden retriever Their character is balanced the best Proof of this is in their work as Assistants dogs participating in Therapies or making life easier for People with special needs they are a Very adaptable dog they will be equally Comfortable with children or a single Person home sedentary or active Lifestyles and living in apartments or Houses They are very intelligent golden Retrievers are ranked number four out of A total of 79 in the list of smartest Dogs by Dr Stanley Karen They are the best companion for children They develop great relationships with Kids although young ones must be Educated to provide respect and care They are the perfect size they are big Dogs but not so big they make handling Difficult for most Guardians Thank you

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